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Trains from Budapest to Warsaw & Krakow (timetable):

EC 130 EN 10476  
407 EC 131
8:22 20:05 Budapest-Keleti 8:37 19:35
11:10 23:01  Bratislava (Pozsony) 
5:36 16:50
15:26 4:07 Katowice 0:10 12:29
17:54 6:53 Warszawa Zachodnia 21:05 10:00
18:00 7:00 Warszawa Centralna 21:00 9:55
18:17 7:12 Warszawa Wschodnia 20:48 9:43
EN 10476   402
20:05 Budapest-Keleti
23:01  Bratislava (Pozsony) 
5:35 Oświęcim (Auschwitz) 23:37
7:05 Kraków Gł.


Trains Tickets from Budapest to Krakow & Warsaw? When traveling between Hungary & Poland potential passengers can purchase different kinds of train tickets, choosing the right type of ticket can save you quite a lot of money: 

  • cheapest rail ticket option for the connection is Hungarian discounted ticket called SparDay (daytime journeys) or SparNight (overnight journeys). One-way fare for trips from Budapest to Warsaw start from only 29 euro (2nd class seat), 39 euro (6 berth couchette), 49 euro (4 berth couchette), 57 euro (3 bed sleeper), 67 euro (double sleeper) & 77 euro (single sleeper), while on connection from Budapest to Krakow it's 25 euro (2nd class seat), 35 euro (6 berth couchette), 45 euro (4 berth couchett), 54 euro (3 bed sleeper), 64 euro (double sleeper) & 74 euro (single sleeper). SparDay/SparNight tickets offered for both daytime EuroCity (EC) & overnight trains, however you should keep in mind that number of such discounted tickets is limited per each departure, it means that there is quota of cheap Spar tickets per each train, once sold out next price level (e.g. 35 euro instead of 29) kicks in. Thus earlier you buy your ticket the better chances you have to catch cheapest tickets on the market. SparDay/SparNight tickets Budapest-Warsaw/Krakow can be purchased as early as 60 days before the actual journey (we have a step by step guide on how to do it) and issued for the specific train & date (exchange or refund is not allowed)
  • standard international one-way ticket (SCIC-NRT tariff) Budapest-Warsaw cost 112,40 euro, while Budapest to Krakow - 86,40 euro (which is way too much, so we strongly advise to think abou other options (e.g. see next point)
  • besides above mentioned ticket there are couple legal ticket tricks, which might be of use for those who plan to travel between Budapest & Poland, especially in case you had no chance to catch cheap SparDay/SparNight: a) due to the nature of the rail tariff between Hungary and Poland return tickets cost almost the same price as one-way, thus in certain cases (e.g. you plan to travel Budapest-Krakow and then go to Prague) it makes sense to consider purchase of return ticket Budapest-Warsaw (134,80 euro) or Budapest-Krakow (103,60 euro) and using the return part of the ticket only partly; b) when traveling from Budapest to Poland (especially Krakow or Katowice regions) during the day it is possible to cut your expanses by making couple train changes along the way (--> buying separate tickets for each leg instead of expensive international ticket for the entire journey). With this trick you can travel by train from Budapest to southern Poland for less than 25 euro in total and the best part here is that you won't need to purchase any tickets in advance; c) sometimes it makes financial sense to 'break' your ticket even when traveling by direct train. In situations when discounted SparDay/SparNight tickets Budapest-Warsaw & Budapest-Krakow already sold out, you can go for combination of tickets - e.g. first ticket Budapest-Czech Republic and then another one from Czech Republic to Poland for the same train.


Alternatives? Perhaps you aren't in the mood to travel from Budapest to Warsaw using direct train, then you have couple other options to consider: a) you can always travel by bus (major bus companies operating on Budapest Krakow-Warsaw route are EuroLines, Lux Express & PolskiBus), in fact journey by bus from Budapest to Krakow is much faster and almost always cheaper than by train; b) travel with stopover in some interesting place (e.g. Slovak capital - Bratislava); c) in case you in a hurry, then it's possible to fly from Budapest to Warsaw either with LOT or WizzAir airlines, while between Budapest and Krakow currently no direct flights being offered.