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Message: You know, I just checked another option actually which will allow me to split up this entire trip id
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Poland (PKP) E-mail

Country info: Poland (Polska)

Rail companies: PKP (Polskie Koleje Państwowe): PKP-IC (long-distance trains) & PKP-PR (regional trains)

Timetables for all the rail compnies in Poland can be checked via

How to Buy train Tickets in Poland? We have a Step by Step Guide

Polish Rail Network Map 

Currency : 1 euro = app. 4.35 Polish zloty (PLN)

Train travel in Poland: train types, tickets, fares, discounts & other useful info


National Train Service:

Train types in Poland: Suburban, Regio, InterRegio/RegioExpress, TLK, InterCity, Express InterCity, Express InterCity Premium & international EuroCity/Euronight trains

Suburban trains in Poland mainly operated by local companies, while regional & long-distance routes are mostly split between two major players on the market - PKP PR (Przewozy Regionalne with Regio, InterRegio, RegioExpress trains and InterRegio Buses) and PKP InterCity (with TLK, IC, EIC, EIP & international trains)


  • Suburban (SKM & WKD) - Szybka Kolej Miejska (Warsaw metropolitan area and Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot region)) & Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa (Warsaw) urban & commuter service, no seat reservation required. 
  • Regio (marked REG on PKP website) – regional service (previously known as Osobowy (Os)), no seat reservation required, operated by PKP Przewozy Regionalne. Regional rail companies in Poland (like Koleje Dolnoslaskie (KD), Koleje Slaskie (KŚ), Koleje Wielkopolskie (KW), Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) & Arriva) as well can be mentioned in this category.
  • InterRegio (marked as IR on PKP website) – medium distance service, no seat reservation required, but special express supplements apply, operated by PKP Przewozy Regionalne. Under the same category also can be listed InterRegio Buses (usually run as 'substitution' to IR trains)
  • TLK (Tanie Linie Kolejowe, marked as TLK on PKP website) - long-distance service (previously known as Pospieszny(P)), seat reservation required, however also can be issued "blank reservation" (no seat is guaranteed, but allows to board the train)
  • InterCity (marked as IC on PKP website) - long-distance service (previously known as Express (Ex), seat reservation required, operated by PKP InterCity. Many long-distance trains which used to be TLK these days rebranded into InterCity
  • Express InterCity (marked as EIC on PKP website) – long-distance service, seat reservation required, operated by PKP InterCity
  • Express InterCity Premium (marked as EIP on PKP website) - new high-speed long distance service (Warsaw to Gdansk, Warsaw to Krakow, Warsaw to Wroclav and Warsaw to Katowice), seat reservation required, operated by PKP InterCity
  • EuroCity/EuroNight/International (marked as EC/EN/D on PKP website) – international trains, seat reservation required for domestic journeys with EC/EN trains (e.g. 4 euro equivalent in case of EC Warsaw to Berlin and Gdynia to Berlin)

Keep in mind that Polish Railways charge additional fee for ticket purchase on board of the train - 10 PLN (in trains operated by PKP InterCity) or 8 PLN (in trains operated by PKP Przewozy Regionalne), unless passegers boarded the train on a station without ticket counter.


Couchette reservations on domestic journeys:

  • 6 berth - 53 PLN (or 40 PLN for passengers <25 and >60 years old; Tania Kuszetka - 33 PLN)
  • 4 berth - 63 PLN

Sleeper reservation on domestic journeys:

  • 3 bed (Tourist) - 81 PLN
  • 2 bed (Double) - 141,5 PLN
  • Single - 273 PLN


PKP offers a lot of interesting options to save money on domestic travel:

  1.  When traveling in Poland on budget and having no chance to purchase train tickets well in advance potential passengers should try to avoid expensive Express InterCity Premium, Express InterCity & EuroCity trains. Instead almost always it is possible to travel on the need route using much cheaper trains like InterRegio, InterCity/TLK or even Regio trains. For instance, let's take a look at very popular trip from Warsaw to Krakow (or vice versa). Standard full fare ticket for Express InterCity Premium train will cost you at least 150 PLN, for Express InterCity you will have to pay at least 135 PLN, while ticket for TLK train is just 60 PLN, InterCity will cost you 64-66 PLN. Yes, it's more than twice cheaper, while in terms of travel time many TLK trains for instance are slower than EIP/EIC only by 10-20 minutes.
  2. Super Promo - passengers who prefer to travel fast can take advantage of the special discounted promo fares for the newly introduced Express InterCity Premium trains (Pendolino). Tickets with Super Promo offer start from only 49 PLN (on short relations even from 29 PLN) and can be purchased as early as 30 days before the journey. Potential passengers however should remember that number of Super Promo tickets per each departure is limited, so such tickets can get sold out rather quickly. Super Promo tickets can be bought online via PKP-IC Ticket Shop.
  3. Wcześniej Offer ( 'Earlier-Cheaper' ) - in advance ticket purchase for journeys with TLK, InterCity, Express InterCity and Express InterCity Premium trains can get passengers up to 30% discount from the regular base price. 'Earlier-Cheaper" tickets available in 3 price levels (purchased 30-15 days in advance with 30% discount, 14-1 days with 20% off and 6-2 days with 10% discount), but again the Wczesniej Offer ticket quota per each price level is limited. Wczesniej Offer tickets can be bought online via PKP-IC Ticket Shop.
  4. Weekendowa Biletomania - special prices for the tickets purchased during weekends for the journeys (>50 km) within Poland on any day. Weekendowa Biletomania tickets for TLK trains start from only 29 PLN, while for Express InterCity from only 49 PLN. Weekendowa Biletomania tickets can be purchased as early as 30 days before the journey takes place, however currently this type of tickets are offered only until December 13, 2014
  5. Major Polish rail companies (PKP InterCity and PKP Regionalne) rely on regressive tariff system, thus it means that longer the distance passenger travels --> cheaper price per km he or she pays. On many instances passengers can take advantage of such tariff system, because de-facto the difference between ticket price for let's say 300 km journey and 900 km one is not proportional (e.g. in 2nd class TLK or InterCity train it's 60 PLN vs. 90 PLN). Now an example how to use it in your favor: journey from Krakow to Szczecin with stopover in Warsaw, instead of two separate tickets from Krakow to Warsaw (60 PLN) and from Warsaw to Szczecin (67 PLN) you simply can buy one through ticket Krakow-Warsaw-Szczecin for 88 PLN and afterward just obtain two separate reservations for each leg of the journey. As result, regressive nature of the tariff can save you basically out of nothing more than 30% of ticket fare. The two things to remember here is that tickets issued for use on PKP InterCity trains (TLK/IC/EIC/EC) isn't valid on PKP Regionalne trains (REG/IR) and vice versa, thus it's important to avoid 'breaks' of tariff, in order to do so passengers should use trains of one company on all the planned travel legs (either PKP InterCity or PKP Regionalne). Second nuance is that tickets for medium and short distances are valid for 2 days only, so the entire trip (meaning two or more legs) should be accomplished within ticket validity period.
  6. Bilet Taniomiastowy (Relacyjny) ( "Route Ticket" ) - reduced fare for tickets on certain routes when using TLK or InterCity (IC) trains. Bilet Taniomiastowy tickets can be bought online via PKP-IC Ticket Shop.
  7. Bilet Rodzinny ( "Family Ticket" ) - special offer for small groups and families from 2 to 5 passengers (including at least one child <16). 30% off for every passenger in group for tickets on TLK, IC, EIC and EIP trains.
  8. Tania Kuszetka ( "Cheap Berth" ) - offer for passengers traveling on overnight TLK trains, chance to purchase discounted 6 berth couchette berth reservation for only 33 PLN (instead of standard fare 53 PLN). Tania Kuszetka reservations can be bought online via PKP-IC Ticket Shop.
  9. Bilet Podroznika ( "Traveller's Ticket" ) - a type of weekend pass valid for journeys from Friday 7pm and till Monday 6am on any TLK train (NB: Bilet Podoroznika is not valid for trips in couchette/sleeper carriages, so potential passengers should plan accordingly). Bilet Podoroznika prices: 74 PLN (2nd class) or 104 PLN (1st class) (See Bilet Weekendowy below)
  10. Bilet Weekendowy ( "Weekend Ticket" ) - weekend pass valid from Friday 7 pm till Monday 6 am either on any InterCity and TLK trains (79 PLN 2nd class or 109 PLN 1st class) or on any InterCity, Express InterCity, Express InterCity Premium and TLK trains (154 PLN 2nd class or 247 PLN (1st class). NB: passengers should remember that seat reservation on EIC, EIP and TLK trains are compulsory, while journey with EIP require payment of additional surcharge. Passengers traveling on TLK trains with couchette & sleeper carriages passengers holding weekend pass can also purchase Tania Kuszetka (Bc6) for 33 PLN.
  11. Super Bilet ( "Super Ticket" ) - discounted tickets for InterRegio trains and InterRegio Buses starting from only 1 PLN (next price levels are 9 PLN, 19 PLN, 29 PLN and 39 PLN). Number of tickets per each price level is limited. Super Bilet can be purchased as early as 30 days in advance and only via PKP-PR website
  12. pkp_tlk_train
    Bilet Turystyczny ( "Tourist Ticket" ) – weekend pass offered by PKP-PR, valid for regional trains from Friday 6 pm till Monday 6 am. Bilet Turystyczny costs either 39 PLN (only Regio trains) or 45 PLN (Regio, Arriva RP, KD, KŚ, KW, ŁKA trains). Bilet Turystyczny is valid also till the border German stations: Löcknitz, Tantow, Küstrin-Kietz, Frankfurt (Oder), Görlitz, Forst and border Czech stations: Cesky Tesin, Lichkov, Petrovice u Karviné, Bohumín, Mikulovice, Jindrichov
  13. Ty i raz, dwa, trzy ( "You and one, two, three" offer) - special offer for groups/families, first passenger pays full fare, while others (up to 3 passengers) can travel with up to 30% discount
  14. Połączenie w dobrej cenie ( "Trips in Good Price" ) - discounted tickets for Regio & InterRegio trains on certain short-distance connections within Poland


International Train Service:

a) Regular discounts

  • 40% off standard SCIC-NRT for any return ticket between Poland and Czech Republic (so-called MOST tariff)
  • 40% off Polish and 60% off Slovak part on journeys between Poland and Slovakia (in connections via Czech Republic a 40% discount applies for the Czech leg)
  • 40% off Polish, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian parts on tickets between Poland and Hungary 
  • 50% off standard East-West (SCIC-EWT) tariff fare on Polish part and 55% off on Lithuanian part for journeys between Poland and Lithuania (via Sestokai)
  • 30% off standard East-West (SCIC-EWT) tariff fare on Polish and Ukrainian parts ("Specjal UZ-PKP") for Wroclaw/Warsaw/Krakow-Lviv connection (trains # 35/36 & #51/52) + additional 10% discount for senior passengers >60 years old. For Warsaw-Kyiv connection (train # 1201/67) discount is 15% for Polish part & 20% for Ukrainian part.
  • 30% off standard SCIC-NRT tariff fare for any return ticket in connection between Poland and Bulgaria, Poland and Serbia, Poland and Romania
  • 25% off East-West (SCIC-EWT) tariff fare on Polish and Russian parts for tickets in connection between Poland and Russia (e.g. Warsaw to Moscow 2nd class ticket cost 98,3 euro) SCIC-IRT tickets: "Polonez" train from Warsaw to Moscow (ticket + 3 bed sleeper reservation - 103.6 euro, ticket + double 145.8 euro & 187.7 for ticket+single sleeper reservation). From Warsaw to Minsk with BC carriage: ticket + 3 bed sleeper reservation - 62.6 euro, ticket + double 87.4 euro & 129.3 for ticket+single sleeper reservation

Passengers can also take advantage of special Multilataral Agreement between a numbee of Central European railway companies. It allows to get 30% (or 40% for youth<26 years old and 50% for groups more than 6 passengers) discount from regular SCIC-NRT fare on any return ticket purchased for connections between countries participants of the tariff Agreement (Czech Republic (CD), Hungary (MAV), Romania (CFR), Poland (PKP), Slovakia (ZSSK), Bulgaria (BZD), Serbia (ZS) and FYR Macedonia (MZ))  

b) Special offers (SpaSrchiene)

Ticket offers with limited number of tickets per each departure (purchase in advance required):  

  • SparDay / SparNight from Warsaw, Krakow or Gdynia to Vienna daytime (EuroCity 'Polonia' & 'Sobieski') and overnight ('Chopin' & 'Silesia') trains -  seats from 29 euro, couchettes from 39 euro and sleepers from 59 euro
  •  SparDay / SparNight from Warsaw to Bratislava & Budapest - seats from 29 euro, couchettes from 39 euro and sleepers from 57 euro 
  •  SparDay / SparNight from Krakow to Bratislava & Budapest - seats from 25 euro, couchettes from 35 euro and sleepers from 54 euro 
  • SparDay / SparNight from Warsaw to Prague - seats from 24 euro, couchettes from 33 euro and sleepers from 45 euro
  • SparDay / SparNight from Krakow to Prague - seats from 19 euro, couchettes from 29 euro and sleepers from 40 euro
  • SparNight offer for EuroNight 'Jan Kiepura' train from Warsaw to Cologne (via Dortmund, Essen, Dusseldorf) - seats from 29 euro, couchettes from 39 euro, sleepers from 69 euro 
  • Berlin-Warszawa/Gdynia-Specjal – 'Berlin-Warszawa-Express' and 'Berlin-Gdynia-Express' daytime trains - seats from 29 euro, Poznan to Berlin with BWE from 16 euro, Poznan to Franfurt Oder from 12 euro

Ticket offers with unlimited number of tickets per each departure:

Cena relacyjna - offer for one way trips between Poland and Czech Republic (and vice versa): Warsaw to Prague 65 euro, Krakow to Prague 54 euro, Katowice to Prague 49 euro, Warsaw to Ostrava 30,5 euro, Krakow to Ostrava 17,5 and Katowice to Ostrava 13 euro

Bilet Turystyczny + Czechy: similar to Bilet Turystyczny offer (see above) for journeys within Poland, but includes border regions of Czech Republic (map of those here).  Bilet Turystyczny+Czechy cost 55 PLN  

Special crossborder fares for short connections to Czech Republic: from Międzylesie to Lichkov and Zebrzydowice to Petrovice u Karvine for 6 PLN one way, whereas on the border crossing Jakuszyce - Harrachov train tickets issued till the border point are valid till the first station of the neigboring country

Special crossborder fares to Germany:

  • VBB system fares: from Rzepin to Berlin (11,6 euro), from Slubice to Berlin (11,4 euro), from Kostrzyn to Berlin (11,7 euro), from Szczecin to Berlin (10 euro), from Gorzow Wlkp. to Berlin (12 euro), from Zielona Góra to Berlin (14,4 euro) etc.
  • Bilet graniczny Polska - Niemcy (short cross-border connections): Szczecin Główny - Grambow, Słubice - Frankfurt(Oder), Zasieki - Forst(Lausitz) and Zgorzelec - Görlitz, one way fare is just 10 PLN
  • Drezno – Wrocław Regio Specjal: 174 PLN (Wroclav-Dresden return ticket for one passenger), 416 PLN (Wroclaw-Dresden return ticket for group up to 5 passengers); 92 PLN (Zgorzelec-Dresden return ticket for one passenger), 176 PLN (Zgorzelec-Dresden return ticket for group up to 5 passengers) etc.
  • Berlin - Poznan Regio Specjal: 169 PLN (Poznan-Berlin return ticket for one passenger), 507 PLN (Poznan-Berlin return ticket for group up to 5 passengers)

Special crossborder fares for connections to Slovakia: from Zwardon to Skalite return is 2 euro, Zwardon to Cadca return is 3,2 euro (tickets are valid for 3 days), Ukraine (Krościenko – Hirov - 1.4 euro, Sanok – Hirov - 3.3 euro) (connection terminated until further notice) and Belarus (from Terespol to Brest, Czeremcha – Wysokolitowsk, Kuźnica Białostocka to Grodno  for 16.9 PLN one-way or 33.8 PLN return, Biała Podlaska - Brest for 25.9 PLN, Białystok - Grodno 29.9 PLN, Małkinia - Grodno 41.9 PLN)

c) CityStars

  • Poland-Germany (called "Sparpreis 25 Niemcy"). For instance, Warsaw-Cologne via Berlin, Hannover (one person – 941 PLN, every other up to 4 pays 470 PLN)
  • Poland-Austria (called “Austria Specjal”): Fares below are all for the 2nd class (1st class available as well), children<12 years old go for free, every 2nd, 3rd, 4th person pays 50%. OEBB<100km+PKP<100km - 77 euro; OEBB<100km+PKP>100km<300km - 93 euro; OEBB<100km+PKP>300km - 111 euro; OEBB>100<400km+PKP<100 - 109 euro; OEBB>100<400km+PKP>100km<300km - 125 euro; OEBB>100<400km+ PKP>300km - 143 euro; OEBB>400km+PKP<100km - 157 euro; OEBB>400km+PKP>100km<300km - 173 euro; OEBB>400km+PKP>300km - 191 euro 
  • PolandDenmark – one person 191 euro (two- 286.5 euro etc.) – without use of ICE trains in Germany and 211/316.5 euro respectively with use of ICE trains
  • PolandRomania – for instance max. distance Gdynia-Bucuresti for two – 980 PLN.

How to Buy Train Tickets in Poland:

National (domestic) and certain international tickets for trains operated by PKP InterCity can be purchased online via


Step by Step Guide on How to Purchase Tickets via PKP Online Ticket Shop -


Do you still have further questions or want to share your own travel experience? You are welcome on our Forum page




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