Czech Republic (CD)

Country info: Czech Republic (Česká republika)

Rail companies: CD (České Dráhy)

                             RJ (Regio Jet)

                             LE (Leo Express

Czech Rail Network Map

Currency: 1 euro = app. 27 Czech koruna (CZK)

Train travel in Czech Republic: train types, tickets, fares, discounts & other info


National Train Service:

Train types in Czech Republic: Local, Accelerated, Fast, Express, InterCity, EuroCity/EuroNight, Super City, RailJet & private companies trains (RegioJet & Leo Express)


*Seat reservations in Czech Republic: up to 250 CZK (depending on distance traveled) in SuperCity (SC) & RailJet trains (RJ) or 35 CZK (all other domestic trains, but in case passenger purchases online ticket via CD eShop seat reservation is free of charge)

Sleeper reservations (journeys within Czech Republic in CD & ZSSK carriages): 6 berth couchette - 168 CZK, 4 berth - 252 CZK, sleepers - 336 CZK (Tourist), 504 CZK (Double) & 1176 CZK (Single)

NB: Czech Railways (CD) surcharge for buying tickets on the train after boarding at an attended station is 40 CZK



Discounts, special offers & ways to save money for passengers traveling by train in Czech Republic (CD, RegioJet, Leo Express):

  1. First Minute Česko (Včasná jízdenka, previously also known as SporoTickets): special discounted tickets for variety of journeys within Czech Republic (between 114 selected cities, but the journey should be at least 51km). First Minute tickets can be purchased online (from CD eShop), from CD ticket machines or ticket counters at the stations (if >1 day in advance). First Minute Česko tickets sold under the principle - early purchase ensures cheaper final price (e.g lets take popular trip from Prague to Brno: standard full fare ticket for such journey cost 348 CZK, while First Minute Česko tickets bought in advance start from only 189 CZK or the same comparison for trip from Prague to Plzen - 160 CZK (standard fare) vs. 95 CZK (First Minute ticket), from Prague to Ostrava it's 482 CZK vs. 199 CZK, etc.)
  2. Action Ticket (Akční jízdenka & SuperAkční jízdenka): special promo offer ticket (one way & return) for travels between selected cities (Prague to Ostrava region & Zlín, Prague to Brno, Prague to Hradec Králové, Prague to Plzeň, Prague to České Budějovice, Brno to Olomouc, Brno to Prostějov, Brno to Uherské Hradiště & Brno to Zlín). For instance such 'Action Ticket' from Brno to Prague cost just 219 CZK (one way) or 438 CZK (return), while otherwise one-way full fare ticket price for the same connection is 348 CZK or another example Ostrava to Prague 295 CZK (Action Ticket) vs. 482 CZK (standard fare), etc. Recently CD also introduced even cheaper action ticket called SuperAkční jízdenka: Prague to Ostrava for only 190 CZK, etc.   
  3. Return Ticket (Zpáteční jízdenka): passengers receive 5% discount on all the standard full fare tickets, if they purchase return ticket for any connection within Czech Republic (NB: CD return tickets are valid for two days, i.e. until the midnight of the next day)
  4. Group Ticket (Skupinová jízdenka): when traveling in groups of 2 and more persons, first passenger pays full fare price, second passengers receives automatic 25% discount, while third as well as every additional passenger after that receive 50% discount. Group discount is valid only for 2nd class tickets & can be combined with Return Ticket discount (=additional 5% off)
  5. All-Day Ticket (Celodenní jízdenka, previously known as CD-NET): day pass for either entire Czech rail network or just one Czech region. Passenger can travel the entire day without any limit on distance or number of trains used, All-Day Ticket is valid in 2nd class only & only for CD operated trains (exception are trains operated by GW Train Regio, a. s. and Vogtlandbahn GmbH). All-Day Ticket can be purchased for any day, plus it can be always transfered to the other person. All-Day Ticket for entire Czech Republic is only 579 CZK, while All-Day region Central Bohemia ticket is 239 CZK, All-Day region Ústí nad Labem or South Moravia or Moravia-Silesia tickets are 209 CZK, All-Day region Pardubice or Olomouc region tickets are 189 CZK, All-Day region for South Bohemia or Plzeň or Hradec Králové are 179 CZK & All-Day region Karlovy Vary or Liberec or Vysočina or Zlín tickets are 159 CZK. Map of the Czech regions can be found here 
  6. Group Weekend Ticket (Skupinová víkendová jízdenka, previously also known as SONE): group/family pass for either entire Czech rail network or just one Czech region during the entire day on Saturday, Sunday or state holiday. Group Weekend Ticket is valid for up to 2 adults + 3 children & can be used only for CD operated trains, however without limitation on distance or number of trains used during validity period. Group Weekend Ticket for the entire Czech Republic cost 679 CZK (or 829 CZK with included city transport (MHD) pass in Prague), Group Weekend region Central Bohemia ticket is 319 CZK (or 444 CZK with city transport (MHD) pass in Prague), Group Weekend Ústí nad Labem or South Moravia or Moravia-Silesia tickets are 279 CZK, Group Weekend region Plzeň or Pardubice or Olomouc tickets are 269 CZK, Group Weekend region South Bohemia or Pardubice or Hradec Králové tickets are 259 CZK & Group Weekend region Karlovy Vary or Liberec or Vysočina or Zlín tickets are 229 CZK. Map of the Czech regions can be found here
  7. RegioJet: passengers intending to travel on line Prague-Pardubice-Olomouc-Ostrava-Havirov-Zilina-Poprad-Kosice & Prague-Pardubice-Olomouc-Prerov-Otrokovice-Stare Mesto besides using CD trains can also choose to travel with private rail company RegioJet (rail division of the well-known Student Agency bus company). RegioJet basically competes with CD here, so quite often tend to offer pretty good deals on train tickets. Taking this fact into account potential passenger should simply compare CD offers (First Minute, Action Ticket) and RegioJet tickets price for the date & time he or she wants to travel on. Why not to save some money and travel cheaper?
  8. Leo Express: since 2013 passengers planning to travel on the line Prague-Pardubice-Olomouc-Ostrava-Bohumin-Zilina-Poprad-Kosice/Presov & Prague-Pardubice-Olomouc-Prerov-Otrokovice-Stare Mesto besides using CD or RegioJet trains can as well travel with private rail company Leo Express (previously known as Rapid Express). Once again it is possible to say that competition between rail companies creates miracles in terms of ticket fare & deals offered by competing companies, so the ticket fare for Leo Express trains can be lower than the those offered by CD or RegioJet.
International Train Service:

a) Regular discounts

Passengers can also take advantage of the special Multilateral Agreement between number of Central European railway companies. Agreement presupposes 30% (or 40% for youth<26 years old and 50% for groups more than 6 passengers) discount from standard SCIC-NRT tariff fare for any return ticket purchased for connections between countries participants of the tariff Agreement (Czech Republic (CD), Hungary (MAV), Romania (CFR), Poland (PKP), Slovakia (ZSSK), Bulgaria (BZD), Serbia (ZS) and FYR Macedonia (MZ)

However potential passengers need to be careful and consider possible bilateral agreements between Czech Railways (CD) and rail companies in other countries (later offer cheaper price at the end). E.g. when traveling from Czech Republic to Poland, Slovakia and Budapest it's cheaper to purchase tickets with help of other discounts (MOST discount for ticket to Poland, discount Czech Republic-Slovakia (called 'sousedská přeprava') and special 40% discount Prague/Brno-Budapest)

b) Special offers (SparSchiene)

Ticket offers with limited number of tickets per each departure (purchase in advance required):

*"One-way online tickets can be purchased only from the Czech Republic and not in the opposite direction (to Czech Republic). To purchase an online ticket in the direction to Czech Republic it is necessary to purchase an online ticket from the Czech Republic, thus have two one way tickets (there & back), both online tickets must be presented for inspection & stamping to the Czech Railways' on-board crew or CD station counter

Czech Railways (CD) also allow purchase of discounted tickets where final destination outside Czech Republic is not the same (meaning that passenger can purchase tickets from Prague to Berlin there & from Munich to Prague back, from Prague to Vienna there & from Linz to Prague back etc.), matters only destination country and not exact city. As result passengers only responsibility is to validate return ticket prior to leaving Czech Republic, otherwise the ticket will not be valid

c) CityStars (must be purchased at least 3 days in advance, except CityStars to Slovakia)

Local and short distance cross-border connections from Czech Republic to neighboring countries:





How to Buy Train Tickets in Czech Republic:

National (domestic) & many international tickets (including discounted offers) along with seat/bed reservations can be purchased via Czech Railways (CD) eShop -



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