Secrets of Central & Eastern Europe


Some tips for cheap train travel in Central and Eastern Europe 


Are you planing a rail trip in Central, Southeastern or Eastern Europe and searching for answers to question about how and where to find train tickets or what kind of train tickets are available for the journey you plan to take? Or maybe it makes sense to take an advantage of some specific train pass? We are here to help :) Besides a specific information about the particular countries (can be found on our 'Countries' pages), our team of rail fans will try to share with you a few general tips on European rail travel (in this case regarding train journeys in Central, Southeast and East Europe). Central Europe is still among the regions of Europe where traveling by train can be considered relatively cheap, mainly because rail fares (even in cases when you buy a standard full fare tickets) for almost any relation are much lower compared to ticket prices for any other mean of transportation (e.g. flights, buses). One of the reasons for that is that in most countries of the region domestic connections tend to be subsidized by the state, while with international tickets railway companies still use SCIC-NRT (--> more flexible and cheaper compared to the lately very popular in Western Europe 'Global prices'). Plus in Central Europe for majority of international journeys passengers are able to enjoy multiple rail offers and discounts (either it will be standard one-way/return ticket discount, CityStar ticket, limited in number Sparschiene (SparDay/SparNight etc.) promo offer etc.). Knowing these nuances associated with domestic and international fares & tariffs system can help saving your money on rail travel. And we definitely can help you with the information you might need. E.g., it might sound strange, but in some cases discounted international ticket might actually turn out to be cheaper option then buying domestic ticket for much shorter distance or ticket 'break' via certain station (--> having 2-3 separate tickets for one & the same journey instead of one through ticket) can save you a decent sum basically out of nothing and so on. Here we offer potential passengers a few tips to consider when traveling by train in Central, Southeast and East Europe:

For any particular discounts, which might be helpful for your specific itinerary and travel plans please see our 'Countries' pages or ask a question on our Forum