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Hello all,

I have a CD InKarta (with RailPlus), and I was thinking if it was possible to get some tickets issued with SCIC-NRT tariff -25% RailPlus discount in Czech Republic, in order to get cheaper and better ticket than the ordinary Trenitalia ticket for Regionale trains in Italy.

Let's say, currently Bologna-Venezia Mestre by Regionale costs EUR 11,55, and it comes with annoying limitations (6 hours validity after validation).
On IDOS, the same route with SCIC-NRT + RailPlus is EUR 8,40, and the ticket validity is 15 days, and it would allow breaks.

This is all nice in theory, but how is it in reality? Can I get such ticket issued in Czech Republic? Has anyone showed such a ticket to an Italian conductor?

Thanks :)

Hello all :)

I am trying to find the best way to save up on a return trip Timisoara-Belgrad.

Two travellers: 1x 25yo + 1x 17yo.

According to this webpage ( ), "Banat Special" is 14€ RT per person.

But with ticket splitting, per person:

Timisoara-Stamora Moravica-Timisoara (5,65 RON * 2 = 11,30 RON = approx. 2,50€) [full fare+advance purchase discount by CFR]

Vrsac-Belgrad-Vrsac 512,- RSD = approx. 4,30€ [round trip fare, source: ]

What about the ticket Stamora Moravica-Vrsac? Could it be possible to buy it in Romania before? How much would it be? According to this source (,704.0.html ), 1,60€ * 2 = 3,20€ for both way (1 person)

Thus, the return trip Timisoara-Belgrad (1 person) would be 2,50€ + 4,30€ + 3,20€ = 10€. Right?

Last thing: are there reduced fares for a foreign 17-yo passenger with ZS and CFR?

General Discussion / Introductions
« on: August 05, 2010, 01:02:08 am »
If the admin doesn't mind, I'm starting the first thread in this section.

Let's introduce ourselves!

I'm a 20-yo guy from Bari, southern Italy. I'm addicted to travelling, even if I have almost no spare money.
I usually travel when I find cheap Ryanair/Wizzair tickets and I had some spare money.

My last leisure travel was two weeks Ukraine, with a round-trip to Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I also visited Moldova for one day.
I find the transportation system in that country excellent, despite of the bad roads and the slow trains.

And I want to return there as often as possible, for countless reasons. And maybe it can be a good starting point for Russia and Belarus? ;)
If they only lifted the visa requirement... ::)

Ok, that's enough for now. It's your turn! Who are you? Why are you here? How do you travel?

Train fares and tariffs / Cheapest way from Budapest to Kyiv (and back)
« on: August 04, 2010, 08:26:43 pm »
I'm looking for the cheapest way to reach Kyiv from Bari (Italy).

The first part of the trip would be done by plane: Bari -> Budapest (Wizzair).

Then, I guess the most convenient way to reach Kyiv is via Záhony -> Chop.
But what's the cheapest way to do so?

Budapest -> Chop (return ticket) ; what's the price?
Chop -> Kyiv (3rd class ticket) ; I already know how to get the price from e-kvytok.
Or should I split the ticket: Budapest -> Záhony (return ticket) + Záhony -> Chop (return ticket)?

Or maybe buses from Hungary to an Ukrainian border city are cheaper?

Thank you for your help!

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