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I'll travel from Budapest to Beograd in a few weeks and I'd like to travel in the Russian sleeper(Moscow-Sofia) if possible.

It seems I can't book it online, since the ЭР icon is missing, which means e-ticket is not sold.

Yesterday I asked in the international booking office in Budapest and I was told they can't sell a ticket for this sleeper.

Do you have any idea where/how to book a ticket?

(I haven't asked Wasteels in Keleti yet, because it was already closed when I was there.)

Is it possible to buy a ticket  from the provodnik on board? Many years ago I travelled from Budapest to Venice in the RZD sleeper paying the provodnik on board. I did have a ticket though because that time it was not a global fare yet


Train fares and tariffs / Re: Sparschiene Österreich Zugbindung?
« on: August 02, 2015, 10:38:14 pm »
Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure what to do.

First of all I can't find Sparschiene Ticket for the date I need(31.08 or 01.09.) with a stopover in Launsdorf, only when I omit the stopover.

I feel a contradiction in the rules. On one hand it says: "Bei Nahverkehrszügen können Sie einen früheren oder späteren Zug nehmen"

But it also says: "Sie können Ihre Fahrt zwischendurch nicht unterbrechen."

I'm pretty sure if I ask ÖBB they'll play by the rules and say it's not possible to break the trip. I'm wondering how relaxed are the Austrian conductors regarding this issue.

Ideal would be of course to find a ticket with the 2-3 hours stopover printed on the ticket, like the one you found. Unfortunately nothing for my dates. What to do, what to do???

Thaks anyway!

Oh, I managed to find it finally! If the route is printed on the ticket with the 2 hour stopover there should be no problem. But I'm still wondering if it'll be accepted to take earlier trains and spend a bit more time at the castle.

Train fares and tariffs / Sparschiene Österreich Zugbindung?
« on: August 01, 2015, 08:49:56 pm »

I'd like to do a trip from Toblach(Dobbiaco) to Sopron(Ödenburg) in 1 day with a couple of hours stopover at Launsdorf to see Hochosterwitz. (I know it's possible, I checked the timetables)

 I can find Sparschiene tickets from Lienz to Sopron for 24€(Can't find any from Sillian), but I'm not sure if Zugbinding(How do you say that in English?) applies only for the long distance trains(in this case Railjet) and I can use any train in the regional traffic starting at any time and breaking the trip in Launsdorf.

Can you help me?

Thank you!/Vielen Dank!


Train fares and tariffs / Tickets on board in Slovenia?
« on: March 02, 2015, 12:07:18 am »

I couldn't find any info on this on the SZ website so here it goes:

Can you buy the ticket on board the trains from the conductor? If yes, how much is the penalty?

SZ doesn't sell e-tickets yet, does it?

I'm planning to travel in summer by the Istra from Budapest to Koper, but it looks much cheaper to buy the ticket only to Ljubljana and buy a domestic ticket from Ljubljana to Koper. The problem is I'd like to continue on the same train, but it stops only for few minutes in Ljubljana and no time to buy tickets.


Travel plans, routes and timetables / Moscow-Nice route?
« on: March 01, 2015, 11:59:02 pm »
Has the route of the Moscow-Nice train changed?

When I check for random dates in March and April it shows the "normal" rooute running via Innsbruck and the Brenner.

However I found this website showing the route as Villach-Tarvisio?

What's going on here?


I'm planning to travel from Amsterdam to Paris by train taking not a direct train but a slower route with many changes and I plan to stop at a couple of places on the route. It's not decided yet where, but I don't need advice for that.

I checked out that the SCIC-NRT fare for my intended route: Amsterdam - Rosendaal - Antwerpen - Gent - Lille - Amiens - Paris would be 68,4€ with RailPlus discount. I don't think there is any way to do this route much cheaper, but feel free to throw anything at me if you have a cheaper idea. Any idea where to break the ticket to get a cheaper fare?

The main question is, as far as I know NRT tickets in France are accepted only on unreserved trains, which means pretty much only TER. I discovered that between Amiens and Paris Nord there are so called Intercités sans reservation obligatoire. Are NRT tickets accepted on these trains?

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Munich-Prague-Wrocław-Berlin
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:48:28 am »
First train to Prague departs 04:55 arrives to Prague at 10:44.

First DB bus departs at 8:00 arrives at 12:39.

I would thought that users of the forum need no convincing why is it better the travel by train, than by bus, but here is a reminder: trains are more comfortable, safer, sustainable.

Here is elaborate info on the Munich-Prague connection:

Train fares and tariffs / SCIC-NRT tickets valid for 15 days only
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:39:06 am »
Hi all!

Some of you probably noticed that the validity of NRT tickest was lowered from 1 month to 15 days.

However there are some exceptions to this rule:

In Hungary some tickets based on SCIC-NRT tariff, but with special reductions between 2 countries continue to be valid for 1 month. These are reduced fare tickets to Slovakia, Croatia, probably Romania, Serbia, Ukraine as well, and all the City-Star tickets(to Germany, Austria, Bulgaria) continue to be valid for 1 month.

It would be nice to know if there are any other exceptions from the rule anywhere in Europe! I'm particularly interested in the City-Star to Russia!


I just read the news on this website that from 2013/14 SCIC-EWT tickets will be valid for only 15 days!!!

Does this effect the validity period of the City-Star?

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Hungary - Croatia
« on: August 20, 2013, 11:24:51 pm »

Thanks for the quick and precise reply.

I decided eventually to go home from Zagreb via Nagykanizsa - Szombathely/Steinamanger route. I'm going to miss crossing the Semmering for the 2nd time, but money talks(it'll be cheaper via Hungary). At least Nagykanizsa - Szombathely will be another new route for me.

I decided to take the 1822 train from Perkovic to Zagreb instead of the 824. I'll have more time to make the connection and by 9pm it'll be dark anyway, so end of sightseeing in Sibenik. Do you happen to know the price of the couchette reservation on this train?

Last but not least, this morning I bought my return ticket at Győr and a Nagykanizsa-Rijeka/Split-Nagykanizsa return ticket was issued without any problem for 42,4 EUR/ 12,500 HUF.

Thanks again for your assitance!

Best regards,

Train fares and tariffs / Hungary - Croatia
« on: August 17, 2013, 12:27:08 am »

I'm planning a quick rail tour from NorthWest Hungary to Croatia for the end of this August and your advice might be useful.

In Hungary I have Start-Klub half-fare card which also functions abroad as a Railplus card.

I've been to Croatia several times, but always by car. On this trip I have very short time and it is mostly about checking out some scenic rail lines(notably Zagreb-Rijeka).

My planned route is:

1st day Fonyód/Nagykanizsa - Zagreb by Agram, sleep in Zagreb
2nd day Zagreb - Rijeka by morning train no. 4000, hopefully this is a train with openable windows, 19:00 Jadrolinija ferry to Split
3rd day perhaps Trogir by bus in the morning, Sibenik by train in the afternoon and taking night train to zagreb boarding in Perkovic
4th day Zagreb - Wiener Neustadt by - Sopron by EC 158 Croatia, home to Sopron


1. Any news about closures or bus replacement on my planned routes?
2. Is it too risky if I have only 6 minutes to transfer from Sibenik-Perkovic local train to B 824 Split-Zagreb night train or should I travel back to Split earlier and board this train in Split?
3. How much is a reservation in the sleeping car? How full is this train on a weekday(probably tuesday)? I can sleep well in a seat compartment provided it's not full.
4. Any experiences with the Rijeka-Split ferry? I'll travel deck class. Any tips how/where to get some sleep?

Finally about fares, which I mostly figured out, but I'm not sure if  it is right. Paying domestic fares a Zagreb - Rijeka + Split - Zagreb would be about 300 kuna which is about 40 EUR. Using the 60% discount for Hungary-Croatia return tickets it looks(according to like a Nagykanizsa - Rijeka there Split - Gyékényes back return ticket costs about 40 EUR as well so iit's cheaper than buying domestic tickets.

For Zagreb - Wiener Neustadt(eventually Sopron) SCIC-NRT fare with Railplus discount would be about 50 EUR. Any chance to make this cheaper? I know about 29 EUR Sparschiene, but I can't book it online.

Many thanks!

Is it true, that the Slovakia-Russia City-Star ticket will cease to exist in 2013?

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