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Title: tcv in italy
Post by: Europe10 on September 17, 2010, 06:23:24 pm
Hi, today in Prague we wanted to purchase a tcv ticket for travel from southern switzerland say lugarno or Como in italy--across to Venice then from Venice to Florence then onto Rome---at this stage not planning any other stops. The man at the information sold us the tickets we wanted for Switerland but was hesitant to sell us a TCV for italy -- he stated that these trains can be difficult to find out about and sometimes involve many train changes - as we will have our large suitcases we were a bit put off by the idea of many train changes. So he said that we should think about it and as we leave for Zurich tomorrow we would still be able to buy TCV in Switerland for Italy.
Do you have any suggestions for me ?
Title: Re: tcv in italy
Post by: tUt on September 17, 2010, 06:45:52 pm
Usually your train journey is covered by two part travel document - one is ticket itself (for specific route) and the other is seat reservation (for specific train on a specific date). In many countries (like Switzerland) you mainly don't need this second part (reservation) since it is not compulsory, all the trains have free seating. In some (like in Italy) most of the trains require seat reservation, thus you obliged to buy it. Ticket itself usually valid for quite a long period of time, especially international one. So, TCV (or as it now also called SCIC-NRT) is exactly this ticket part and this is what you can purchase in Prague (as well as in Switzerland). But in case you want to use InterCity or EuroStar train in Italy you will need this additional seat reservation. The only type of trains that doesn't require seat reservation in Italy is "Regional", thus you can board them using the ticket part (what you buy in Prague), no need to buy anything extra.
So, as far as we understood, ticket cashier was kind of warning you, that if you want to use ticket bought from him without any additional supplement, you'll must use regional trains (those are slower, run for shorter routes etc.)=thus you'll need more changes in order to travel for your desired routes.
But in case you want to use faster trains, just buy seat reservation in Italy and board the train with Czech ticket, in such case you will be fully covered and have in hands both required part of travel docs.

p.s. just in case, if you decide to use just regional trains: Como-Venezia can be done only with one change, Venezia-Florence - at least one change required. Florence-Rome - no changes required since there are regional trains running full route.