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Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubliana
« on: November 20, 2017, 05:07:49 pm »
Yes I still plan on doing this trip possibly this coming Spring...

Yes, this is why I'm taking the bus from Chișinău to Odesa and not the train because of the lack of decent train times, crossing through Transisteria (though probably not bad going from Chișinău to Odesa, think it's worse going from Odeas to Chișinău).

  Bus will be the best option for me (though they are the smaller mini buses I hear)

Oh good point about the website.  I will make sure I just use the English site as reference and use it for the bus numbers and then book it on the normal website...

Thanks again and I'll look up the bus in April then when they have the tickets for my date listed (too soon for the date right now).  I figure I'll just print it out (like I have in the past with buses like LuxExpress in the Baltics) and just hand that to the driver.

  Yes the bigger buses is what I would want.  Been hearing that for the 5 hour trip from Chișinău to Odesa that most are the mini buses.  Not looking forward to that...

Great, I was able to use Google Translate and that worked some, but you seemed to have better luck.

  Is the 6am bus for 475 UAH the one you were talking about with the nicest bus since it's a bit more expensive?  Or are they all the same bus, but the 6am one is just more because of the time?

yes so that's why I knew I could get the train in advance for sure.  But you did say there was a 6am morning bus by Autolux that has the luxury bus you were talking about correct?  Is there a bus number or something you know of that I could check up on?  Would you think getting it a few days in advance would work since I'll be in Odesa for 4 days and if I get it when I arrive on the first day would that normally be already filled up?

  Ok thanks the the Moldova buses then.  I shouldn't have to worry much about the route anyways because I think there is a bigger issue with people coming from Odesa to Chișinău than from Chișinău to Odesa via Transnistria anyways.  But yes, I'll double check on the buses I like and then see if there are the same departure for the buses to Palanca to make sure they go that route.

  Yes I understood the shorter bus times, I was just finding it a bit more difficult to find those online through the Autolux or Gunsel Websites.  With a limited amount of Russian I know, I couldn't quite figure out how to get a ticket in advance (if I couldn't easily get a few days before when I'm in Odesa).  The train website was a lot easier and I was able to figure out how to book it online in advance. 

  So that was why I was focusing on the train as I can't understand on the website how to book the good buses you were referring to...

Found the buses from Chișinău to Odesa (, though why do only the later buses in the day state Palanca?  Does that just means there's an official stop there while the early buses in the day just drive through Palanca and not stop?

  I know you stated most buses will avoid Transnistria (though I will have already visited there on the trip), just wasn't sure if these buses go through there or not?  Doesn't really say anything on the website.

  As for Odesa-Kyiv, found I can book the train 2 weeks in advance and that the first class will get me to Kyiv at a decent time in the day and only seems to be 1/2 shorter than the bus (unless like mentioned the buses drive faster in the day than the time stated).  Might be more comfortable on the train as first class opposed to the bus...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Moldova/Ukraine - Connections
« on: February 21, 2017, 05:26:28 pm »
Thanks for posting those links.

As for Iași, I was reading that the one way trip could be 3-4 hours depending on the border.  That might be a little much to go for just a few hours of wandering around.  Might try and find something more local in Moldova that's an easy bus trip (plus being in Romania in the past, I probably should see all I can in my time frame of Moldova)...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Moldova/Ukraine - Connections
« on: February 20, 2017, 06:17:23 pm »
Ok that will work out then.  I can do the mini bus to Iaşi for the day then (I assume it would be at the same location as the mini bus to Tiraspol and Odessa?).

Then will do the bus then I guess from Odessa to Kyiv which seams the easiest.  I tried looking for Kolontaevska 58 before, but Google wasn't able to locate it for me, so your Google link helped me and I can check up on the time tables and such when I get there for the Autolux buses then since I'll have a few days to orient myself.  Also will need to find the bus to get to  Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyi and back as well, but I assume those would be at the main bus station if I can find it...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Moldova/Ukraine - Connections
« on: February 18, 2017, 11:26:11 pm »
Ok was able to get a ticket and be far enough removed from the Eurovision masses in Kyiv and I can watch it at a pub in Odessa.  So thinking now that I have my actual flights I can plan this easier using the two of your suggestions and some of my own.

  Flying into Chișinău at night on a Sunday and leaving on a Wed morning.  I figure since Chișinău didn't have that much to really do or see as you mentioned, I could take 2 day trips each day.  One going to Tiraspol on the mini buses they have (sine I guess you no longer need to report to the police station or show documentation of where you're staying if you are only staying under 10 hours in Transnistria.  The other day I was thinking if it was possible being that it's only 2 hours away going to Iaşi for the day.  Though I do remember last time I was in Romania, Moldova was still using the old Soviet train rails and taking a train between the two was long due to switching the trains, so not sure that is an issue anymore, or if a bus is more viable.  If not I could always just go see some of the underground wineries outside Chișinău  (or if there are any other day trips worth doing).

  Then taking the bus to Odessa and doing the beach (I know it won't be quite beach season, but I've been to Estonian, Croatia and Bulgarian beaches in May so I should be able to at least walk around the beach and enjoy that.  Plus it will allow me to do that day trip mentioned to Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyi.

  Then off to Kyiv.  Thanks for the inputs, so I've narrowed it down to either the bus or flying (if I can get a good flight to IEV), though the Skybus should be able to take me into town from KPB easy enough if I don't book in advance I hope.  Checked the train option but seems daytime trains are around 8-10 hours and the over night train would mean me having to wait around until 11pm or so without a hotel room to go back to etc.  Figure I can take the bus early Sat and be there in the early afternoon on a Sat and then check in and enjoy pub hopping Sat night in Kyiv.  Now I looked at, but since I can only read limited Russian/Ukrainian, I was able to see there is a bus leaving at 6am and getting me there around 12:30pm in April (since they don't have May time tables up).  I would think these would be the same times for May.  Now with that, I probably wouldn't need to buy my tickets in advance correct?  I'm just having an issue trying to locate the bus station (Hear it's at Kolontayevskoi 58), but can't find it on a map.

  That then leaves the rest of the trip in Kyiv where I'm thinking of doing the 2 night Chernobyl trip or something and then other random stuff before using the Skybus to KBP later on that week.

  This way I get ample late night pubs nights in all 3 cities and still get to stuff without having too many hotel bookings and staying a few nights in the same hotel before moving on.

  Thanks for the help you too, and every trip I always seem to have many questions...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubliana
« on: February 17, 2017, 04:09:14 pm »
Well thanks, turns out I was able to find a great deal for the Ukraine/Moldova trip and booked that.  I will save this information for next year...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubliana
« on: February 15, 2017, 05:44:24 pm »
  Ok this was my original plan A and right now seems like the best flight options for me.  I have done a lot more research on this and could fill my time up with day trips from Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubliana.

  So my only question is the route from Belgrade to Zagreb.  I've heard it's not a very interesting trip and did notice there is a night train between the two.  Would that be better than the 6+ hour long bus ride do you think?  If I'm not really going to see much, than maybe the train would be a better option.

  If I did get the night train, are they all going to be sleeper cars?  Or will there also be just regular seats as well (since I could do that if needed).  And what about advanced booking for the sleeper cars?  Is this route in high demand that I would have to pre-purchase well in advance?  Or would a day or two in advance be ok (since I'd be in Belgrade maybe 4 nights)?


Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Moldova/Ukraine - Connections
« on: February 08, 2017, 05:24:48 pm »
Ok sounds good and yes Chernobyl is definitely on my list if I can find a good decent tour to get there as I think that's the only way I would be able to do so.  That was one of the day trips I was going to take from Kyiv.  Ok will not bother with stopping over between Kyiv and Odessa then if I can help it, unless I can't get a over night train (depending on times and such or which direction I'll be coming from), but I could manage sleeping on the bus too if it came to that as well.  I've managed 14 hour flights before to India and 6 hour bus rides through Bulgaria so I should be able to handle the bus if I had to and just sleep on that if the train wasn't an option.

  I'll also look into a few of the other suggested day trips then from both Odessa and Kyiv depending on my time scheduled.  I'll get my flights (if possible) and then I'll have a better idea how to plan the trip then.

Thanks again...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Moldova/Ukraine - Connections
« on: January 30, 2017, 05:16:53 pm »
Thanks Maxy

  Yes I was noticing the 2 airports in Kyiv and am not sure which one yet I'll be arriving at (or leaving from) when I book my trip.  If it's KBP, then I just hope there's easy access by bus or train to/from the airport and the city center.

  With the over night train, I forgot that I have been on one once decades ago in Egypt.  I forgot about that, but don't remember too much about it.  I'm an on and off sleeper so having my sleep disrupted all through the night won't be an issue with me and I'll be fine the next day (one of the reasons I never suffer from jet lag in my life) so doing that wouldn't be an issue.  I guess though I would have to try and book the train then online then as you mentioned they will probably sell out.  Though I guess worst case I could just take a bus and play it by ear like that.

  If I can get my tickets for this trip decent enough, then I can try and plot a route to maybe include some of the areas you talked about.  And yes I was looking at maybe the bus into Romania and then up to Odessa (I've been to Romania before).  So that might even be an option as Chișinău seems by you and TuT that it might not be somewhere I want to spend a great deal of time in, so I could cut that down a bit and go elsewhere like you mentioned.

  I'll get more info if I can get a good flight deal then and then figure things out from there, but this gives me a good idea what I'll be looking at...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Moldova/Ukraine - Connections
« on: January 27, 2017, 05:23:50 pm »
Great thanks for both of you for the advice.

  And yes I would be going in May so not in the winter time.  How many days in advance would you need to book the Autolux from Odessa/Kyiv or visa versa?  Do you need to book in advance for the overnight train as well?  Usually I always just take day trains/buses and have always followed TuT's suggestion about getting tickets at the station the day of or the day before as I've often seen trains or buses that haven't been listed showing up with better times to my destinations in the past.

  There's also the option of just flying too from Odessa to Kyiv as it seems very cheap, if there's not a lot to do in Uman' or Vinnytsia?  But yes if I get the overnight train, I can just sleep the entire way and not worry about it.  Though I've never done an over night train before so would have to figure out the best way with the least amount of people in the berth.

  With my plans for 2 weeks then and not a lot to do in Chișinău (though I was thinking of taking a day trip to Transnistria from there), and Odessa and Kyiv, what other places then might be worth spending a night or two along the way instead of just those 3 cities then that's along the way?

  Thanks again and watch my trip end up being cheaper to go to Serbia this year, but I'll ask that if it changes in another post if I get a cheaper flight.  Haven't booked it yet, but really have my mind set on this one if I can do it...

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