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Title: Zagreb to Split and Zagreb to Budapest
Post by: joode on January 04, 2010, 07:18:31 am
Hi TuT,

Thanks for previous info but am still trying to refine travel plans. I just can't seem to get timetables from Croatian rail website and finding it rather frustrating!  So, once again I ask your help!  I think my main problem is I don't know the actual names of the stations or via what towns.

I would like to know what are the times trains run from Zagreb to Split and how long they take.  I know they have a fast tilt train - is it much more expensive than other types such as fast train and express trains.

The other question is getting a train from Zagreb to Budapest that doesn't take a very long time.  The ones I have found seem to go via Vienna and some via Villach for a up to a total of some 16 hours!  I sure there is one that takes around 6 hours but can't seem to find the times it leaves Zagreb or how much it costs for a 1 way trip.


Title: Re: Zagreb to Split and Zagreb to Budapest
Post by: tUt on January 04, 2010, 11:14:42 pm
Yep... Croatian railways timetable isn't that convenient as more standardized German, Austrian etc., but still it is possible to find out exact schedule. During winter there are only 3 direct trains per day: two daily ICN (fast tilting trains) 7:50-13:49 and 15:19-20:52 + slower overnight train: 22:50-6:56. Supplement for all the InterCity trains in Croatia is 16 kuna (comparing to regular passenger train tariff).
Zagreb to Budapest is rather easy and definitely no need to go via Austria. As of now, there are 3 direct trains per day:
a) 4:56-10:59 (it is Venice-Budapest train EN240)
b) 10:00-16:54 (Zagreb-Budapest train #205)
c) 15:45-22:29 (Zagreb-Budapest carriages which run with Zagreb-Vienna train #284, but get reattached to domestic Hungarian IC train to Budapest in Gyékényes) 
Actually purchasing return tickets Zagreb-Budapest gets you 60% discount from the regular tariff, so it is cheaper to purchase return ticket instead of one way - as of now it costs 30 euro. In case if it is too expensive for you, then there are ways to travel cheaper, but it will require "tricky" tickets (will take more time to purchase).

p.s. just in case - here you can find all the departures from Zagreb main train station - (click on train number to see schedule), but be careful - some trains run only during summer season.
Title: Re: Zagreb to Split and Zagreb to Budapest
Post by: joode on January 05, 2010, 04:16:11 am
Many thanks tUt.  A couple more questions.

1.  When does the Summer season start?  We will be travelling during May this year.

2.  Do you have any idea the cost of the ticket Zagreb to Split (on the tilting train)? 

3.  Strange that the return ticket is cheaper than 1-way!!  Anyway, does that ticket (30 euros) have to be bought in advance or can you just arrive at the station and buy it?

Your advice is appreciated.

Title: Re: Zagreb to Split and Zagreb to Budapest
Post by: tUt on January 05, 2010, 11:25:25 am
1) Usually in the beginning of June. In case of Zagreb-Split route, additional trains (one day time and two overnight) start to run from 11/06/10 and 18-19/06/10
2) As of now 181.2 Kuna (base tariff 165 kuna + 16 kuna supplement)
3) Ticket can be bought any time, even 10 minutes before departure. And no seat reservation required on Zagreb-Budapest trains.