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Train fares and tariffs / London to Vienna stopping at Bruges & Cologne
« on: January 14, 2023, 01:13:41 am »
So pleased that your website is still up and running as you've given me invaluable advice in the past.  Thank you!
We are finally able to travel again and looking to train from London to Vienna with over night stops in Bruges & Cologne at the end of April.  We will then spend two weeks travelling through Austria - Krems, Lintz, Salzburg to finally fly home from Munich.
Is it possible to book London to Vienna on one ticket with stop offs and diversions? We would like to visit Bruges & Cologne staying 2-3nights in each.  I realise that we'd have to change trains at Brussels to get to Bruges or you might suggest a different route.
Thank you

Hi again tUt,
An extra note. 
Is there any rhyme or reason behind the Spanish train prices?  I’ve spent days producing a spread sheet, taking screen grabs to track all the variables but now, when the tickets are on sale they are considerably more expensive (especially when buying more than one), or I don’t know if a train that runs in all previous weeks is unavailable, sold out or just not posted yet.  I’m beginning to think I’ll hire a car just to avoid the frustration!  I can't find any festivals for the dates I'm travelling and I can't believe it's like hiring a car when the price goes up just because you've researched the dates one too many times.
I can never remember having this problem in other european countries.

Thank you very much tUt, I had assumed you might be away. Hope you had a good trip.  It can annoying not to have constant internet access, but kind of refreshing too.

In the meantime I obviously did some research checking dates for tickets coming online etc.  The itinerary also changed a little to fit in with accommodation and friends joining us.  So…

Madrid to Toledo - OK. Buy on the day.

Madrid to Girona waiting for advance purchase for the first morning train then TEISA 300 bus to Garrotxa Volcanic Nature Reserve where we’re staying.  Why are the Spanish tickets so random??

Nat Park to Valencia.  It seems the TEISA 300 bus to Girona with a 2hr transfer for Girona to Valencia via Barcelona works best. Waiting for cheap tickets to come online.  Should I buy as a through journey in case there’s a holdup on the first leg?

Valencia to Girona. Ditto

Girona to Collioure.  Rodalies gencat R11 to Cerbere (buy at station); then I have found the train1euro (online) tickets connecting Cerbere to Collioure.  I think I can buy a standard ticket at Cerbere if I can’t buy the 1euro online.
I can have either a 1hr 10min or 11mins transfer at Cerbere.  What’s the likelihood of a missed connection on these trains?

Collioure to Perpignan.  I’ll avail myself of the cheap 1euro fares if possible or the 1euro bus. Otherwise cash on the day.

Perpignan to Montpellier.  Again the subsidised fare or do you think it more prudent to book standard fares. I’ll have just landed in HK when the 1euros come on sale for that leg!!  Or is there another way?  I’m also thinking of using the Historical subsidised fares in this region.  From my understanding I can buy these at the local train stations particular to the route i.e. Nimes or Perpignan, 2 of the 5 Historical routes.

Montpellier to Niort (closest station) or La Rochelle Ville or Poitiers. There only seems to be one train per day via Bordeaux, the others go through Paris but there is a selection. These also seem to be online now so I’m running out of cheap fares.

Niort, La Rochelle or Poitiers to London.  I looked at flying but by the time we’ve driven to the airport, hung around and taken the train/tube into London it seems to be just as easy to take the train to Paris & St P.  Trains are more frequent (Sat or Sun) and we could allow a few hours layover in Paris - once we’ve stored the bags.  Your thoughts please if there are any cheap alternative train tips.  If we’re re travelling both ways Paris to Niort (for example) is it cheaper to get a return ticket?

London to Norwich rtn
and possibly London to Chester rtn  or I could combine the two journeys i.e. London - Norwich - Chester - London

Thanks again for passing on your train knowledge.  It helps makes our train travel all the more pleasurable :)


Once again, thanks to you guys and your invaluable advice last year.  We had another great trip, this time through the Balkans, Poland, Germany and Netherlands.

We were also fortunate to visit Japan earlier this year using the Japan train pass.  I have to admit it was refreshing to not have to worry about organising discount fares; instead, turning up at the station, reserving our seats, (included in the pass), and hopping on quickly to ensure they kept to their strict timetable.

However Europe draws us back and I’m wondering how much flexibility and discounting is available on our trip starting mid September.  We’ve decided to stay several days in each of the Spanish/French towns * to use as our bases.  However we realise we might need to hire a car or take a bus in some instances for the side trip destinations.

The route planned so far is: (Staying in towns *)

Madrid* with rtn day trip to Toledo
Madrid to Valencia
Valencia* to Girona
Girona* with rtn side trips to Figueres, Cerbere, Cadaques & Portligat, Pyrenees
Girona to Perpignan
Perpignan* with rtn day trips to Villefranche-de-Conflent and Petit Train Jaune journey
Perpignan with rtn day trips i.e. Carcassonne; Beziers; Collioure & Ceret
Perpignan to Pyrenees (walking)
Pyrenees* to Montpellier
Montpellier* with rtn day trip to Camargue national park
An added is attraction is to visit friends near La Rochelle but I’m waiting to see if our dates match up.
La Rochelle* or Montpelier to London (either by train or plane)
London* to Norwich* & maybe Chester*

I’ve started checking fares but not yet calculated the total costs and whether passes might actually be worthwhile if I'm too late for cheap fares. I hope to get your advice before I get too far and find I’ve got to reorganise everything.

As usual, many many thanks in advance.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Gdansk to Hamburg
« on: September 18, 2016, 05:01:09 pm »
All I can say is thank goodness for Europe Trains Guide!

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Gdansk to Hamburg
« on: September 18, 2016, 03:50:16 pm »
Hi again tUt,
I've just realised that I can't stay on the EC54 at Frankfurt (O).  Well not according to DB.  So I may still have the problem of connecting, but this time at Frankfurt (O) where we'd arrive at 12:15.  DB show 12:57 RE18122 dep Frankfurt (O) arr Berlin 14:09 following on with ICE800 dep 14:23 for Hamburg.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Gdansk to Hamburg
« on: September 18, 2016, 03:27:40 pm »
Thank you tUt.  Brilliant!!! :)
I've just spent the last couple of hours plotting both routes but think the regional one might be better for another journey when I have the time to plan - and perhaps when the weather will be better!
I can't believe the difference in price splitting the Gdansk route to the border.  So I'll get two domestic tickets (PKP) and the one through ticket from Frankfurt (O) to Hamburg (DB).
We are actually planning go to Lubeck for the day from Hamburg and I was going to get the Schleswig-Holstein Ticket you recommend on your web site.  I assume I can buy it on the day from Hamburg Hbf or can I get it from the local Hamburg train station (four stops I think) and use it domestically to and from the main station?  Or should I buy in advance online?  Does this ticket differ from the web site tickets?  I'm a little confused I think....
One final question.  We are travelling on from Hamburg to Amsterdam for three days then staying one night in Rotterdam before taking the night ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich for a new experience!  Any tips and tricks along the way please?
Thank you very much again.  Your knowledge is invaluable. :))

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Gdansk to Hamburg
« on: September 18, 2016, 11:20:13 am »
I haven't had much luck finding statistics on punctuality. Thought I was onto a winner when I found this site,, (+ google translate) but nothing transpired.  PKP do seem to take punctuality seriously judging by pages 9,10,11 of their 'Regulation on on-line ticketing.....' but it still doesn't seem to cater for cross border connections.  As I understand you to say, it is up to the next train conductor.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Gdansk to Hamburg
« on: September 17, 2016, 09:15:13 pm »
Thanks for your quick reply.
I'll check out the stats.  In the meantime our travel date is Tues 18 Oct. And yes, depart early morning to arr in afternoon.

Train fares and tariffs / Gdansk to Hamburg
« on: September 17, 2016, 04:27:23 am »
I tried to book tickets online from Gdansk to Hamburg via the De Bahn web site but found that they can only post out international tickets.  As I am leaving shortly I don't expect that they'll arrive in time before my departure.  So my questions relate to the reliability of the connection in Berlin.
I can buy separate tickets online ie Gdansk to Berlin (PKP) EIC54 07:28 arr 13:43, and Berlin to Hamburg (DB) ICE 14:23 arr 16:21 (as shown on the DB website) for the same total price.  If I'm booking tickets with different companies and there is a holdup on the first leg of the journey, can I assume that our tickets for the second section won't be valid if we miss our connection?
Do you think that I should book a later Berlin-Hamburg train ie leaving at 15:06 giving me a connection time of 1hr 23min (rather than 40mins) or am I being overly cautious? 
I've used trains in Poland before that seemed to be on time, but not had to worry about connections.  I understand that I could buy the second tickets when I get to Berlin but at an extra cost.
I've tried other ticketing arrangements, to the border etc, but I still end up with the connection in Berlin.
Thanks in advance.

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Kranj, Zagreb, Split
« on: July 23, 2015, 02:16:06 pm »
Thank you tUt.
The Slovenske Zeleznice website under ‘Abroad’ only shows travel from Ljubljana, Zidani Most & Dobova to Zagreb.  I didn’t notice that Kranj-Ljubljana was a continuation of route until after I’d posted.
Are tickets train specific? 

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Kranj, Zagreb, Split
« on: July 22, 2015, 08:41:25 am »
Hi again!!!  :D

I hadn’t realised I’d spend quite so much time planning a two month trip but I do like to ensure all the ‘i’s are dotted and ’t’s crossed.  Factoring in meeting up with friends, also travelling, has had it’s share of problems too.  No winging it here!  The routes have changed a little from my initial itinerary and I’m now waiting patiently for railway online websites to open so that I can book tickets.  I have to admit that without your help on this forum it wouldn’t have been so enjoyable.  So I thank you very much.

I now need to get from Kranj to Zagreb.  I was originally going from Ljubljana but see that the IC211 at 14:11 actually travels through the capital leaving at 14:45.  Do I have to buy two tickets? i.e. Kranj to Ljubljana and Ljubljana to Zagreb, as the website doesn’t show a through train from Kranj.  Can I buy tickets, in advance, from Ljubljana station or should I buy them on the day at Kranj?

I’ve also read so many different opinions re bus vs train travel from Zagreb to Split.  My itinerary there is a bit of a disaster so we end up with return travel from Zagreb to Split spending a few days in each.  But no matter.  The bus is cheap and frequent with convenient times.  The train longer but less frequent fast journeys.  I reckon that by the time I’ve factored getting to & from the airports and waiting around, the bus takes not much longer with more convenient times.  The other option is one way car hire - but perhaps I’ve read too many disaster car hire stories there.  Anyway I’m happy to try different modes of transport each way.  Your thoughts?

Thank you - again.

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Krakow to Ljubljana
« on: June 26, 2015, 04:49:06 am »
I have just gone onto the MAV-START web site to check sparschiene tickets from Budapest to Ljubljana and find no cheap 19 Euro tickets.  Have they stopped selling them?  I have pressed each date starting 26 Sept (no tickets available), 25 Sept 39Euro and earlier 39Euro.  >:(  If they are no longer available I'll wait until we get to Budapest.  Unless you think the train might be full.
The page doesn't say "Sparschiene" as your screen grab above but when I checked earlier this month for a date just 9 weeks ahead I've got 19Euro.

Hi again tUt, and everyone else who contributed to my last postings. 

Based on your advice tUt, we have found some extra days and are continuing our trip into Croatia before heading to the UK.  I assume that this route is pretty standard - but, as before, I welcome your ideas and to perhaps get off the beaten track.  We will be there early October. 

The journey from Ljubljana to Pula on Slovenia Rail shows only one train from Divača to Pula and the journey from Ljubljana by bus - although there is a connecting train from Slovenia. 

We are happy to take trains, buses, ferries and hire a car for the journey where it is more convenient.

I have not found a similar journey on ETG yet and hope, once again, you can help.  :)

After much additional research and your invaluable help on my previous thread I have finalized the above itinerary.  The first and last points are fixed.
We have decided that the best way to see the Tetra region (northern & southern) is to hire a car. To avoid high one way charges (if in fact I can get such a deal) we have decided that we will take bus/train transport direct to Kosice and hire from the airport there.  I tried to work out a system using the generous validity of Slovakian train tickets and detailed timetables but in the end it seemed easier to hire a car – also bearing in mind the number of daylight hours and possible weather conditions.
I think Warsaw to Krakow is straightforward – buy online 30days before for best discounted ticket (ie until they run out).  As the EIP trains are new, do they have wifi in both 2nd & 1st class and if I can get the cheapest fares is it worthwhile travelling 1st ?
Krakow through to Budapest is already covered. 20euro single (17.50 if I buy rtn?) at Kosice ticket office on the day.
Budapest – Bratislava.  Should I buy on the day in Budapest (rtn cheaper?) or is there an even cheaper fare all the way to Salzburg?
Hoping on a short stopover in Bratislava en route to Salzburg – depending on ticketing available.
Salzburg-Ljubljana via Villach.  Salzburg-Villach was already discussed as discounted tickets, 9euro online?  Not sure how far in advance. Is it still relevant given the changed itinerary?
Thank you once again your help.

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