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Travel plans, routes and timetables / Georgia - Armenia Transit Question
« on: January 09, 2019, 06:52:24 pm »
  I am trying to figure out if there is any good way to get between Yerevan to Tbilisi via a night or two in either Alaverdi or Odzun.  The main thing there is to hike to Haghpat and also somehow try and get to Debed Canyon.

  Figure I'd ask here being it's more "Europe" rail, but figure maybe Georgia kind of counts.

  I did some research and found out the train between Yerevan and Tbilisi is not only long, uncomfortable and just highly not recommended, so was curious about other options if they exists trying to get between Yerevan and Tbilisi and spending a night.

  I know they have the mini buses (Marshrutka's or whatever they call them there), but I don't like being in those for long extended periods of time (did the one between Chisinau and Odesa and 5 hours on those was way too cramped with no toilet breaks).  So just wondering if you had any input on this idea at all?

  Another option would be actually just flying into Tbilisi and flying out of Batumi.  That way I would just need to find a way from Tbilisi to Alaverdi/Odzun and back.  It seems there is a that same train from Yerevan that goes to the station in Alaverdi, but it seems like it's once a day.  I could manage that as it's only a few hours.  But didn't know if there was another option.  Getting to Alaverdi, I can't seem to find any train for some reason.  Also can't find any buses either.  (The train from Tbilisi to Batumi though seems very straight forward and easy).

  Haven't committed yet to this at all 100%.  It's another option before I get a flight in Feb.  The others we talked about in the past being Serbia and Montenegro which you helped me with already and have all the notes to easily do that if flights are good.  The other was Kosovo/Macedonia which you also helped me out and that is also ready to go.

  But just curious if you had an input on this possible trip at all?


Travel plans, routes and timetables / Albania - Macedonia - Greece
« on: January 04, 2018, 04:01:32 pm »
    Looking at another option for my 2 week trip in May this year, I was also looking at trying to do Tirana - Ohrid - Sarandë (for the beaches) - Corfu (maybe for a night or two) - Shkallnur (Gollum Beach) and back to Tirana.

  My big thing is how is transportation along this possible route with frequency and reliability and time travel times to get this in for 2 weeks?  Another option if flight prices allow it would maybe having Corfu - Sarandë - Ohrid - Shkallnur - Tirana or something if I can fly out of there with a good deal.

  Just was hearing more and more about Albania's coast and the fact many people seem to take a side trip to Macedonia well.  Other idea are also welcome as usual as I often will take those suggestions...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubliana
« on: February 15, 2017, 06:44:24 pm »
  Ok this was my original plan A and right now seems like the best flight options for me.  I have done a lot more research on this and could fill my time up with day trips from Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubliana.

  So my only question is the route from Belgrade to Zagreb.  I've heard it's not a very interesting trip and did notice there is a night train between the two.  Would that be better than the 6+ hour long bus ride do you think?  If I'm not really going to see much, than maybe the train would be a better option.

  If I did get the night train, are they all going to be sleeper cars?  Or will there also be just regular seats as well (since I could do that if needed).  And what about advanced booking for the sleeper cars?  Is this route in high demand that I would have to pre-purchase well in advance?  Or would a day or two in advance be ok (since I'd be in Belgrade maybe 4 nights)?


Travel plans, routes and timetables / Moldova/Ukraine - Connections
« on: January 26, 2017, 06:50:06 pm »
  Hey, was in Korea last year so didn't get a chance to ask you any trip questions, but this year I'm planning another trip back to Europe.

  So I was thinking of going from Chișinău to Odessa to Kyiv for my 2 week trip.

I know there are buses from Chișinău via Palanca or Tudora to Odessa (, but wasn't sure about the reverse route from Odessa to Chișinău via Palanca or Tudora.  Main reason is I want to avoid the train since it goes through Transnistria and though I have heard it's now easier to go through (no longer needed to get off the train and go to the police station), I still feel that bribery or harassment still happens at the border when going through the zone.
  Also I'm only seeing buses leaving later in the day from Chișinău, is there any options of going to Odessa earlier? 

  Next Question is from Odessa to Kyiv.  Since it's a fairly long trip, I was thinking the train, though I believe it goes out of the way via Vinnytsia while the bus goes via Uman'.  Do they have night trains from Odessa to Kyiv with sleeper cars at all or would it make sense to just take a train to Vinnytsia, stay a night or two and then go to Kyiv?  Or would the bus be better taking an early morning bus to Uman' staying the night or two and then on?

I'm trying to go from Chișinău - Odessa -Kyiv, but may end up doing it in the reverse order depending on flights so this is why I was asking about the reverse route from Odessa to Chișinău.

  Thanks, you've always been a great help on my trips...

  So planning my next adventure again for next May (kind of early), but was curious to know if there are any locations between Belgrade and Zagreb, or between Belgrade and Podgorica that are worth while to stop for a night or two at?

  Trip A) would be Belgrade to Zagreb to Ljubljana or
  Trip B) would be Belgrade to Podgorica with Kotor, one of the beach towns and then ending in Tirana.

   Buses seem to be about 9 hours and the train seems to be around 12-14 hours (Belgrade to Podgorica).  Now I've heard the train between those two cities has supposedly one of the nicest views so taking a night train would kind of defeat the purpose, but I don't want to sit for 14 or so hours on a train either.

  So was trying to see if there are any towns along the way I could break up the trip with at all?  Was also thinking if I did the other trip to Zagreb, if there was anything near 1/2 way between Belgrade and Zagreb that would be worthwhile to stop for a night or so?

  Just trying to get a idea on this part for now so I can then plan my flight schedule.  Thanks as always...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Split - Sarajevo
« on: February 11, 2015, 07:19:44 pm »
  Ok, just booked the actual flight now.  Arriving in Split and leaving from Sarajevo for Mid May.

Day 1 - Split
- Arriving in the early evening and spending the night there
(I hear there is an airport bus to take me into town)

Hvar (3 or 4 nights)
- Taking the boat (I saw one that operates mid May (

Not sure if there are others or better ones with better times or not (this one shows only an afternoon departure). 
Trying to see if 4 nights or 3 nights would be best depending on day trip options

Split (2 nights)
- Again the only boat I saw was (
- two nights just to road around the city and maybe take a day trip.

Mostar (2 Nights)
- What's the best option here?  I know there are a few limited buses, but which seem to be the best?

Sarajevo (4 nights or so)
 - I hear there are daily buses, not sure about trains.  What is the best option for going between Mostar to Sarajevo?

  So that's the trip.  Just needing to know if there are other boats other than the one I listed above in Mid May between Split and Hvar and back.  Also best option between Split and Mostar and Mostar and Sarajevo.

  Just need to figure out day trip options in Hvar/Split and Mostar and or Sarajevo to see how many nights I should spend in each.

  Thanks again.  At least this time I have the flight booked...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Croatia to Albania
« on: January 05, 2015, 07:53:50 pm »
  I was looking at flights and my previous trip looks like it'll be a lot cheaper flying into Dubrovnik and leaving from Tirana.

   I know you have helped me with the transportation between Dubrovnik and Kotor.  I am now curious how travel is between Montenegro and Albania?

  Is there fairly easy transportation options from Bar to any interesting cities between there and Tirana?  And then to Tirana as my final destination?

  Or even skipping Bar and going from Kotor to a beach place like Shëngjin or something similar?

  I'll have 2 weeks so just trying to fill up my trip with a mix of beach (?), mountains (Kotor), city (Dubrovnik, Tirana) and just was curious how transportation is on the Albanian side.


Travel plans, routes and timetables / Balkans Travel
« on: September 30, 2014, 06:04:41 pm »
  So trying to get a good idea of what would be the best option for my next trip and before I get the airfare.  Going to plan to spend some time in each city mentioned, this will be a 2 week trip in the Spring (May)

Option 1
Fly into Zagreb - Split - Mostar - Dubrovnik - Budva - fly out of Podgorcia

  Seems there is a good train and bus between Zagreb and Split.  And see there is a bus service to Mostar from Split and Dubrovnik.  I assume there is no train service between Dubrovnik and Budva though and the best is to just take the bus to Budva and then I see a lot of buses from Budva on ( to Podgorcia?

  Would you say that all those cities would be easily accessible by either train/bus (mostly bus I would think closer to Montenegro and Bosnia) with multiple times a day every day?

Option 2
Fly into and out of Zagreb - Sarajevo - Mostar - Dubrovnik - (Maybe Budva if time) - Split - Zagreb

  With this option do you think with bus/train this route would be doable?  How are the services between Zagreb and Sarajevo?  I would think there would be a lot of buses or trains from Sarajevo to Mostar?

  Trying to figure out if this options would give me a few days in each place and be able to get back to Zagreb without feeling too rushed?

  My ultimate goal would be to visit at least 3 countries on this trip (Croatia, Bosnia and either Montenegro or Slovenia) and be able to spend some time at least in all 3 in a 2 week period.

Thanks again...

  Another quick question:

  So I know there are several trains that I can take from Munich to Füssen to see the castle and lake and maybe stroll over to Austria.  I see the Laender pass (Bayern-Ticket) on Bahn is showing as 23€ after 9am (until 3am).  So that of course allows me unlimited travel on all the trains and S-Bahn in Bavaria it seems (for a Wednesday) I believe.

  Now I looked on Bahn's site and was curious about trains that left before 9am (so I could get down there earlier) and it seems there are some and that I can get a Bayern-Ticket (return Journey) for 48.50€.  So I am confused about this since I thought the Bayern is only good after 9am.

  I'm just trying to see what the cost would be if I left on a earlier train before 9am.  Or if it's just really worth it to just get the Bayern ticket for 23€ and leave after 9am instead and spent less time down there?

Thanks again...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Wrocław to Rogoźnica Question
« on: April 14, 2014, 08:25:40 pm »
  So trying to get a train from Wrocław to Rogoźnica  in the morning and then back in the afternoon at some point.  My question is on Bahn's website, I'm seeing different times and durations than what is showing.

  Which should be the most accurate?

  From Bahn's I'm seeing a Wed morning departure at 5:09 and arriving at 6:39.  Rozklad shows the times being 5:45 and arriving at 7:41.  Which is a bit of a difference.  However in the afternoon Bahn and Rozklad seem to have about the same times.  So just curious which would be more reliable to use for times?

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Munich-Prague-Wrocław-Berlin
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:36:21 pm »
  Ok getting things set up here for my next trip in May and need some advice.

Munich - Prague (Saturday)
  I was hearing that there is a bus that is pretty direct that is a lot quicker than taking the train.  I am just curious how long and how much the train is compared to the bus.  I would like to leave early on that Sat to get to Prague as early as I can.

Prague - Wrocław
  Seems isn't showing me any possible trains for leaving on a Tues morning between these two cities.  Am I missing something? Another site I saw the price was horrible (2,806 kr) which seems way to crazy to be correct.  Also is not showing any direct trains at all and need to change in Katowice which I don't want to do.

  I found one bus, but I can't seem to view the prices.

  I did notice for about $10 US a bus from  Thinking that might be the best way to go. 

  Don't know about buses, but do see on there are trains.  Though I'm not able to view the pricing of that.  Maybe there is a bus as well? doesn't seem to have a connection between these two cities however, so not sure if there is another bus option at all.

  Thanks once again for your help, you've always made my travels so much easier...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Bucharest - Brasov (and beyond)
« on: March 29, 2013, 06:46:38 pm »
  Talked to you earlier about my trip.  I've gotten the bus scheduals easily enough from, but I'm having a hard time trying to get the train scheduels from (from as it keeps giving me errors.  So I must be doing something wrong.  I could look at, but didn't know if they would list all the trains or not.

  Anyways trying to find the following trains:

Bucureşti (Bucharest) - Braşov (Sat departure - think they should be the same train every Sat)
Braşov - Făgăraş (round trip for a daytrip) (Mon-Wed)
Braşov - Sighişoara (round trip for a daytrip) (Mon-Wed)
Braşov - Sinaia (round trip for a daytrip) (Mon-Wed)
Braşov - Bucureşti (On a Thursday)

  If you can figure out how to work that train website or know if would have all the same exact details that would be great.  Just wanted to know the times etc compared to the buses from so I know what would be the best way.

Thanks again...

  Ok this is just one of the ideas I have for May this year (as flights aren't too bad).  I was looking at taking a bus from Bucharest to Varna around May 25th. 

  Now I don't think there is a good train service without changing over.  And I have heard that Autogari bus timetables aren't very accurate online and some people have shown up, just to find out there is no bus service to Varna that day.

  I know in June regular train and bus schedules seem to operate everyday, but not so much in May.  So just wondering what the best options was to get to Varna.


Travel plans, routes and timetables / Tallinn, Estonia - Pärnu
« on: April 11, 2012, 05:56:06 pm »
  Ok talked before about this and I have all my other plans and buses worked out using Lux Express.  I'm finding that Lux Express does not have good times for my travel dates (Sunday, May 20th) from Tallinn to Pärnu.  I also found that the train also has too early of a time (and takes a lot longer).

  So I looked at Sebe.  When I do, it takes me to Bussi Reisid website that shows the buses available, which then shows all of the buses being operated by Sebe.  So what is the Bussi Reisid website then and why does Sebe direct me to it?

  Also, does the Sebe bus leave from the main bus station in Tallinn as the Lux Express buses will?  It almost looks like Sebe buses leave from another bus station so I'm a bit confused.

  I'm figuring this is probably the fastest way to get to Pärnu isn't it?  Unless I'm missing something...

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Vilnuis-Riga-Tallinn
« on: January 20, 2012, 03:14:43 pm »
  Ok before I get my flight out there, I would like to know how easy/not easy taking the train or bus be  between these cities?

  The idea would be for the end of May and I would take the first train/bus from Vilnuis to Riga, and then a few days later from Riga to Tallinn.

  I have heard debates on the schedule for the train (not as frequent between Vilnuis and Riga etc), while the bus has more options.  I've also heard the train is much better and so forth.  So just curious how easy it would be to travel between these cities as I will only have a bit less than 2 weeks.

  Oh and these would be from the city Center Main stations for each city.  And I've looked at but am having problems with the website...

  Again this trip isn't definite as of yet, but if it looks like it would be fairly simple than I would probably book it if flights are good...


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