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Train fares and tariffs / SCIC-NRT ticket in Italy - ticket validation
« on: August 24, 2012, 05:08:32 pm »

I have one (hopefully simple) question - do I need to validate my SCIC-NRT RailPlus ticket (bought in Slovakia) in the machine before boarding a regional train in Italy? Thanks.

If you are unboarding in Bohumin, why not go then via Cadca Gr. - Zilina - Trnava - Galanta - Sturovo - Budapest? I know, it's more time consuming but taht way  you have a chance to buy cheap return tickets between ZSSK and MAV.

Or do you just want to stick to EN Chopin/Metropol in order to catch the Sarajevo train in Budapest Deli? That can be quite risky as EN Metropol is usually not on time on arrival to Budapest.

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Bratislava to Chop
« on: July 31, 2011, 05:39:19 pm »
Lucy, as a family of 4, you can purchase specially designed ticket for small groups called "SKUPINA MINI". This ticket is valid for  group of at least two people (one person over 18 years AND one child under 15 years of age) but not more than 5 people (e.g. 4 adults + 1 child). First adult in the gorup travels for full fare, but the next adult travels with 25% discount and each child in the group travels with 60% discount (instead of 50% discount). This ticket can be purchased for domestic travel only, i.e. as far as Cierna nad Tisou.

You cannot book this ticket on-line, however, this is not necessary at all. Book on-line just the reservations for the train you wish to travel (it's perfectly possible) and then buy the tickets in the station once you are in Bratislava.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Train Nice - Moscow
« on: May 03, 2011, 04:03:37 pm »
Well, the timetable of the Ost-West Express can be found here:

tUt said it all, below are just some comments if you want to save even more:

You can actually travel by train from Prague to Cesky Krumlov for as low as 160 CZK per person by using a "Sporotiket", a special discounted ticket for specific routes. However, you need to purchase the ticket at least 7 days before departure.

More info can be foud here:

I don't know how much time do you want to spend in Vienna, but if it is only a short-time stop on the one day journey from Cesky Krumlov to Bratislava, you can use the Einfach-Raus ticket all the way to Wolfsthal near Slovak border. From there, you can take bus Nr 901 to Bratislava. The ticket price is 1.50 EUR per person (or 0.75 EUR for those younger 26 years).
Departures from Wolfsthal can be found here:

If going one-way I prefer connection via Komarno/Komarom as the stations Sturovo and Ezstergom are quite distant from each other (approx 6-7 km). Sturovo station is located out of the city and it is better to take the bus to get to the city proper. Komarno - Komarom distance is no more than 3 km.

There is also an alternative route via Rajka: You can take direct bus Nr 801 from Bratislava city center to Rajka for 1.50 EUR and then take train to Budapest for approx 12.50 EUR. The savings when compared to 16 EUR return ticket are small, but there's no walking involved.

However, as for the price on route Bratislava - Budapest, no one can compete with buses of the Student Agency company, with prices starting as low as 5 EUR (but more realistic is 7 EUR)
More info here:
You can purchase the tickets online.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Bratislava-lvov?
« on: April 17, 2011, 09:47:48 am »
It's very easy to get from Bratislava-Petrzalka to Bratislava, you just need to take bus nr. 93 to its terminal stop (7 stops, 10-12 minutes)

There is actually very limited number of trains from Bratislava-Petrzalka further to Bratislava-Nove Mesto, where you can change to Bratislava, and thus go by train all the way, but this option is unpractical as it takes too much time and the service is sparse. Moreover, all passenger traffic from Petrzalka to Nove-Mesto will be canceled from 1.5.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Bratislava-lvov?
« on: April 14, 2011, 01:35:06 pm »
In Chop, there are two railway stations - one for international and long-distance travel and one for suburban travel. The first one is the one you'll arrive at - with customs and ticket counters issuing tickets all around Ukraine and also for international travel. There is also a small bar close to the platform (working only during the day) and free rooms upstairs (working non-stop), where you can spend the night. The price for one person was around 50 UAH one year ago.

The second station is located some 200 meters to the west. It's newer, cosier and definitely better place to kill the time (in case you don't want to use the rooms) as the bar there is working non-stop and offers hot/cold drinks, some pastries, cakes and desserts.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: Wasteels Bratislava
« on: April 11, 2011, 07:24:54 pm »
To my best knowledge, Wasteels closed its office in Bratislava and no longer offers any services.

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Train Moscow - Beijing
« on: April 06, 2011, 10:43:30 am »
Thanks, tUt. My friend is going to Uzhgorod this weekend so I told him to find out the possibilities. He is equipped with all available info, even with the OSJD agreement on MPT in russian. So let's see :)

Thanks tUt and rasha for interesting information.

Just out of my curiosity, is it possible to book also VIP compartments in Krasnaya Strela using East-West tarrif? The domestic price as quoted on is over 16 000 RUB (415 EUR).  Now that would be awesome if the E-W tarriff does not differentiate between the categories SV and SV-VIP :)

That way, for example reservations Harkov - Vladivostok in platskartniy will be only 46 EUR, or Kiev - Vladivostok in kupe 85 EUR.

Rasha, you have some very interesting info here. However, I could not find the connection Kiev (Harkov) - Vladivostok in UZ reservations tables you provided. Therefore, my question is: Is it possible to get somewhere the definite list of trains/direct sleeping cars in former CIS countries on which is possible to purchase reservations using East-West tariff?

Thanks, this is very interesting.

If the prices are correct, it would mean that for some domestic Russian trains it is cheaper to purchase ticket & reservation abroad using East-West tariff than to buy them in Russia.

For example, SV ticket for train 001 Krasnaya Strela from St Peterburg to Moscow bought online on costs 5531 RUB, which is approx. 137 EUR. First class ticket in East West tariff for the same route costs 39.90 EUR (according to + reservation 82 EUR = 121.90 EUR.

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Train Moscow - Beijing
« on: March 28, 2011, 06:09:27 pm »
Well, I did a lttle reserarch on MPT Tariff and found out very interesting thread:

Basically, the OP says that in Chop, they can issue CHINESE, KOREAN, TRANSSIB (Moscow-Beijing) tickets at will with only government-mandated (minimal, 1-2 Euro) fees. It sounds almost unbelievable. My Russian is passable so I can give it a try. What do you think?

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Train Moscow - Beijing
« on: March 27, 2011, 06:06:26 pm »
Thanks for reply!

And any international ticket counter will easily sell it to you.
You mean any international ticket counter within Russia or in all CIS countries & Baltic states? Thanks for screenshot, I made the query on the Latvian railways site and there's note below: "This is not LDZ formation train, we are not legal to sell tickets for that train online!" So I checked also RZD site and found the connection there, I was even able to select the wagon and number of travellers but as I am not registered the system kicked me out. Nevertheless, it seems that it is possible to buy tickets only for domestic travels and international travels to CIS countries:

 "Продажа проездных документов (билетов) осуществляется на поезда, следующие во внутреннем сообщении по территории Российской Федерации и международном сообщении с государствами СНГ (Азербайджанская Республика, Республика Казахстан, Кыргызская Республика, Республика Белоруссия, Украина, Республика Таджикистан, Туркменистан, Республика Узбекистан, Республика Молдова), Латвийской Республикой, Литовской Республикой, Эстонской Республикой".

One more question: The system shows availability for given train and date but not the price, is it possible to get the price quote somewehere? Thanks.

Travel plans, routes and timetables / Train Moscow - Beijing
« on: March 27, 2011, 01:39:54 pm »

according to the site, it's virtually impossible to buy ticket for Transmongolian train from Moscow to Beijing at the ticket office. According to the site, the reason is that almost all of the tickets are sold out to travel agencies before the reservations are open to public.

Is it really so? Early next year, I would like to travel to China by train again, this time via the northern, Transsiberian route. Basically, I would like to really pay for the tickets their face value and not to be ripped-off by any travel agency. I don't mind changing trains along the route. Any recommendations how to buy the tickets? Thanks a lot :)

Train fares and tariffs / Re: 2-berth sleeper (Slovakia?)
« on: February 07, 2011, 04:51:58 pm »
Hmm... maybe it does happen, but, as far as we know, there is no such railway rule in general. Does it?

You're right, currently there is no such rule, but I am almost sure there was such a rule in the past and unfortunately the cashiers are sometimes the last people to learn the new conditions.

As for the trick, it has one little inefficiency: Any berth which was not occupied within 15 minutes after departure from the original station can be directly resold by steward to any other person boarding in the next stations. This is very probable on peak days, e.g Sunday or Friday. The solution is to buy unoccupied berths (and tickets for seniors) from stations further en route  - e.g from Trencin (assuming route Bratislava - Kosice).

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