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Thanks for your reply. For the Switzerland to Rome journey it seems that I may have missed the discounted tickets :(

I am looking at travelling on 5 September and all I can find for Milan to Rome is tickets of 98EUR or more for two people. Is this right or am I missing something here?

Looking on SBB I can find the 27CHF ticket from Thun to Milan but unfortunately it is not at a time that would connect with any of the trains that arrive in Rome on 5 September. The cheapest connection I can find is 76CHF per person.


So the booking has begun and has been pretty successful so far. Mostly thanks to your information below. Although we have also made some changes to the things that we will be seeing and doing. I have a few more questions as some prices and routes.

Berlin to Prague - Booked!

Prague to Budapest - Booked!

Budapest to Salzburg - Still to book.

Salzburg to Munich - Still to book.

Munich to Interlaken - Looking for a scenic route. I have seen that a train to Lucerne and the narrow gauge to Interlaken is quite scenic. We are happy to have a lazy day on the trains as we have quite a busy itinerary before then.

Interlaken/Spiez to Rome - This is looking quite expensive through either SBB or Trenitalia, any options would be very welcome.

Rome to Venice - Booked!

Venice to Bergamo - Booked! (flying to Greece from here)!

Thanks again!   

Thanks for your reply that is really helpful! It looks as though the best option is to wait for a little while longer before we purchase tickets.

We are actually looking at doing some more rail travel from Berlin through to Rome. But I am still trying to work out whether it is better to get a rail pass or to get individual tickets from the country railway authorities. Our current plan is to travel this part of the journey in two weeks (14 days) and our planned stops are listed below. A 15 day eurail pass would cost AUD621 per person. I am still trying to work out what the cost of travelling this journey would be based on purchasing tickets from the railway websites. I have included what I have found below, but if you there are any links or better prices that you can suggest that would be greatly appreciated.

Berlin to Prague - 39 euro per person (
Prague to Budapest - ?? ( has timetables but I cant find prices)
Budapest to Salzburg - 39 euro per person ( / buy from ticket window)
Salzburg to Munich - 35 euro per person (
Munich to Switzerland (Interlaken or Saas Fee) - ??
Switzerland (Interlaken) to Venice  - ?? ( has timetables but I cant find prices)
Venice to Rome - 30 to 40 euro per person (

Without knowing exact prices and additional fees for booking (it would be good to do some overnight trips, so I am assuming there would be additional fees for a sleeper?) if I say on average each trip would cost 45EUR that is equivalent to approx 56AUD, therefore 7 trips, at this price, would work out better than the rail pass. But it would be good to know if this is a decent assumption?

I really appreciate your response, it is so helpful for planning a trip like this.

Train fares and tariffs / Budapest to Salzburg ( website)
« on: March 24, 2013, 12:53:33 am »

I have been trying to use the website to find prices for tickets from Budapest to Salzburg. The trains guide for this website is very helpful.

I was looking at trips in late August for two people and the timetables page shows plenty of trips on this route. However, when I look to find out how much the price for these tickets will be on the 'tickets and prices' tab, it comes up with ‘No offer available for the journey with these conditions.’

If you are able to suggest how I might be able to solve this problem that would be great.


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