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Travel plans, routes and timetables / Re: Thessaloniki-Budapest
« on: December 07, 2010, 05:56:43 pm »
Actually there is direct connection from Thessaloniki to Budapest (and even Prague/Bratislava), but only during the summer (usually from mid June till mid August). But if you intend to travel not during touristic summer, then you'll have to change at least once (either Belgrade, Sofia or Buchuresti). In order to travel cheaper it is better to change trains in Belgrade.

Kosovo is a bit out of the main route. Train from Thessaloniki to Belgrade goes via Skopje, Presevo, Vranje, Nis etc., thus bypassing Kosovo from the east. So you will need to get out of train at some point and make a side trip or partly travel by bus.
For instance, there is an everyday train from Skopje to Kosovo Pole/Pristina + multiple buses. If you don't want to come back to Skopje in order to catch Belgrade train, then just board bus from Pristina to anywhere in Serbia, thus your route plan will look like Thessaloniki-Skopje-Kosovo-Serbia.

It says that domestic UZ reservation for East-West tariff will be same as for domestic tickets (why RZD is not like UZ ? >:().
Well, we already seen this new project, but it is not yet definite. First of all this new project needs to be approved + even within link you gave it is stated, that formulations in different parts of it are a bit contrary and not clear, so you never know what will be the end result after all.
It also says that CityStar to Slovakia will be 30% cheaper! (hm, only from Ukraine, or also for Russia?)
ZSSK-UZ and ZSSK-RZD aren't codependent, so -30% in ZSSK-UZ doesn't mean yet similar thing with RZD.
When you get some new information, please post it here.
We will try  ;)

Train fares and tariffs / Re: City Star Russia and reservations
« on: December 07, 2010, 02:38:52 pm »
Do you have any information about how much will be the reservation cost for this car?
We are afraid that at the moment the only thing left is to rely on this year fares info (, since it's too early to say something about next summer.
And, are there going to be some changes in price from the timetable change on December 12th of CityStar ticket Slovakia - Russia (both via UŽ and PKP-BČ), and in sleeper reservations including ŽSSK-UŽ, ŽSSK-UŽ-RŽD, PKP-BČ-RŽD, UŽ-RŽD and RŽD domestic?
At the moment the only definite thing is that reservations UZ-Europe with East-West tariff stay the same for next year on all the routes excluding UZ-PKP and UZ-DB. Probably similar thing will happen with reservations RZD-Europe, since there were already a number of responses about purchased tickets for dates after 12/12 and no difference in fares spotted, but this info is not confirmed by any RZD docs.
With UŽ-RŽD things are more complicated, because UZ plans to introduce new tariff system for "East-West", if, as we already noted, with ordinary UZ-Europe everything left with almost no changes (besides UZ-PKP and UZ-DB), but with UZ domestic (with East-West) and UZ-other CIS countries (like RZD) nothing is know yet, since those parts are missing (yet?) in the new tariff project. With UZ domestic (with East-West) there are rumors that reservations will be simply issued with a help of standard domestic UZ tariff, while situation with UZ-CIS is unknown yet. Same story with RŽD domestic (with East-West), but, imho, those are already way too expensive, so it will be suicide to raise them again. As well, no info about CityStar yet.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: BerninaBahn
« on: November 21, 2010, 10:45:30 am »
RhB just answered me, and they confirmed that FIP is valid on the lines of RhB.
Good for you ;)

Train fares and tariffs / Re: BerninaBahn
« on: November 20, 2010, 11:43:12 pm »
Can I use Switzerland (SBB) FIP coupon for Chur - Tirano route? That route belongs to RhB, not SBB.
Hmm... interesting question, but seems way to specific, thus best thing to do is just to email RhB and ask (imho, it's suppose to work, but better to reconfirm with RhB).

So, for platskart, the price is same during whole year?
Not quite, tariffs for 'kupe' and 'sv' are regulated by RZD itself, while tariff for 'platskart' is kind of 'social', thus RZD can't just change it on their own. So it's not yet known how 'platskart' tariff will change in 2010.
Will the prices remain same as in 2010?
Tariffs for 'Kupe' and 'SV' in 2011 is raised 5% comparing to 2010 prices. With 'platskart' it is the same story - not yet known.

Period of Tariff Indexation/Number of days/Index of Tariff Indexation
01.01.11 – 10.01.11   10   1,00
11.01.11 – 03.03.11   52   0,90
04.03.11 – 05.03.11   2   1,10
06.03.11 – 08.03.11   3   0,85
09.03.11 – 27.04.11   50   0,90
28.04.11 – 29.04.11   2   1,20
30.04.11 – 06.05.11   7   1,10
07.05.11 – 09.05.11   3   0,50
10.05.11 – 08.06.11   30   1,00
09.06.11 – 30.06.11   22   1,05
01.07.11 – 14.07.11   14   1,15
05.07.11 – 30.08.11   47   1,20
31.08.11 – 30.09.11   31   1,00
01.10.11 – 01.11.11   32   0,90
02.11.11 – 06.11.11   5   1,10
07.11.11 – 22.12.11   46   0,90
23.12.11 – 26.12.11   4   1,00
27.12.11 – 28.12.11   2   1,15
29.12.11 – 30.12.11   2   1,20
31 December 2011    1   0,85

Train fares and tariffs / MAV international tickets
« on: November 20, 2010, 04:45:29 pm »
It finally happened, Hungarian railways started to sell international tickets online (MAV website), including discounted Spar tickets.
As of now interface is in Hungarian language only -   
Tickets are sold to Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and Slovakia. Enjoy

Full list of routes for which you can purchase tickets online can be found here -

May I know where is yr location? You hv been helping me with never ending answers & patience...I must buy you a drink if I got the chance to meet you  :)
Unfortunately, at the moment not in the cities which you plan to visit, so best reward from your side will be sharing your travel experience on the pages of this forum. Your info might help other fellow travelers  ;)

Train fares and tariffs / Re: budapest to krakow
« on: November 15, 2010, 07:59:06 pm »
i buy a poland domestic ticket to Miedzylesie for 21pln.
Yes, it is the fare for polish regional train (marked as 'Osobowy'), for a fast train (marked as 'Pos') the fare is 33 PLN. 
then i buy the cross border ticket (bilet przechodowy) from the conductor for 15 czk.
Yes, this ticket can be bought on board
then i buy a czech domestic ticket from the conductor for something czk..
You can either buy it on board or purchase your Czech domestic ticket online from Czech Raillways e-Shop (, Lichkov-Praha for 2 already including group discount cost 345 CZK). Just make sure that you connect with your arrival from Poland.

Now about exact timetable. As of now there is no direct Wroclav-Prague train. The only direct one is from Wroclav to Pardubice (dep. Wroclav at 6:08, arr. 10:12). All other direct trains from Wroclav can take you only till Miedzylesie (run roughly every 2 hours between 5am-19pm).
From Międzylesie there connecting trains 4 times per day till Lichkov (at 8:37am; 9:48am; 16:29; 18:44), they depart from 12 to 30 minutes after arrival of Wroclav train, so you have enough time to change trains. In Lichkov there are also connecting trains that will take you further towards Prague with change in Usti nad Orlici.

As an example, if you leave Wroclav at 15:35, thus catching Międzylesie-Lichkov 18:44 train, you will arrive to Prague at 22:15. Such trip will require 3 changes. One change is required if you catch morning train Wroclav-Pardubice etc. All these seems a bit tricky, but at the end you save quite a lot.

Unfortunately, no overnight train options on this route. Closest overnight train departs from Katowice.

Train fares and tariffs / Re: budapest to krakow
« on: November 15, 2010, 05:27:24 pm »
how do i get from Miedzylesie to Lichkov?
You can use the train. It is just a trick with tickets - purchase domestic Polish till Miedzylesie, then international over the border (Miedzylesie to Lichkov, cost 15 CZK) and then from Lichkov Czech domestic. You don't even need to get off train, but simply to have three separate tickets.

Imho, best thing for you is to check via ATM locator -
As you can see, ATMs which display Visa PLUS logo is not a problem to find at any of your planned locations, so nothing to worry about.

+ you can always pay with the card directly, in Central and Eastern Europa the number of places where you can pay in such way grew dramatically over last years.

the forumers were discussing about RON not accepted out of Romania...
Well, RON is not accepted as payment in stores, transport etc., but there are plenty of exchange offices where you can always change RON to HUF

But not for Romania currency right?
Why not? In Hungary it is not a problem to exchange HUF to RON or vice versa, same thing in Romania. Both countries have rather strong connections, so currency flow is pretty big, especially with Transylvanian part.

I am now planning on how much money to withdraw at ATMs in every country so that I dont hv too much access currency when I change it back to Euro at local money changers (which normally gv poor rates) when I'm leaving the country.
You can always change the rest in the neighboring country. And try not to use exchange offices at the stations, those usually have not very good rates.
In HUF, normally how much is the fare for Pecs - Sarajevo?
Standard international ticket cost 36 euro, counting nowadays MAV exchange rate of 280 HUF=1 EUR we end up with 280*36=10 080 HUF.

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