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Message: Hi,I thought about more than once about travelling on the Bergensbanen. As BA was to dro
Author: Frequentflyer
November 22, 2017, 07:55:20 am
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Message: Yes I still plan on doing this trip possibly this coming Spring...
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November 20, 2017, 05:07:49 pm
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Message: Great stuff tUt. I'm going to use this for sure. Thanks mate.
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November 20, 2017, 03:47:10 pm
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Author: tUt
October 26, 2017, 12:48:58 pm
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Message: You're amazing! Okay, we have now booked the 5:40am - 8:12am from Venezia Santa Lucia to Milano
Author: kelseykaylove
October 25, 2017, 08:55:14 am
Hungary-MAV E-mail


Step by step Guide to Buying Tickets via Hungarian Railways (MAV) website


It has been a while since MAV introduced an option of purchasing international (and domestic) tickets (including discounted SparDay, SparNight, Fortuna etc.) online via official MAV website. For a long time the interface was entirely in Hungarian language, later it was finally translated into English, but we still decided to share with fellow travelers step by step guide designed to help you purchase discounted (and other) tickets from Budapest to Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Warsaw and many other European destinations.


1) Open MAV timetable page, then enter destinations you need and travel date, push 'Timetable' button -->



2) Fill in 'Journey' and 'Passengers' information (type of seat/sleeper, number of passengers and passenger's dates of birth), push 'Ticket and Prices' button -->



3) Next you will be redirected to a webpage where you can choose 'Fare' and 'Connection', to do so click on orange 'futher information'(will appear next to fare(s) offered) and then, after a new small window appears click 'open' (just below price), make your choice regarding connection you want to take and push 'Ticket to the Cart' button -->



4) Now you will be redirected to the 'Sign-In' page -->


 In case you didn't register on MAV website earlier, then push 'Registration' button, registration is easy and fast (though you'll have to validate your account by clicking on the link sent to you by email).

4a) Once you click on 'Registration', box like this will appear-->

First (a) enter your email, then (b) password (at least 6 characters), repeat the password and click 'Registration' button

4b) Next will appear long page with MAV's 'Terms of Use' -->

If you really want to read all that info, then use google translate. If not - just tick box 'I accept Terms and Conditions of Use' and click orange button 'Next'

4c) Further you'll see 'Privacy Policy' page (now it will be in English) -->

And again 'I accept the Privacy Policy' rules and click 'Registration'. Afterward you should recieve a confirmation email to finalize your registration at MAV website


5) But coming back to the actual ticket purchase.After a successful log-in you will see 'Order details' page: a) check Dep./Arr. Station, Time, Date; b) check Ticket fare (it will be in EUR and HUF according to today's exchange rate) c) tick the box near 'I confirm that I don not need an invoice'(if you do, then you'll just need to fill out some additional info in a new page) and push 'Bank payment' button --> 

NB. There is a limited amount of time given for finalizing your ticket purchase, so watch out for the time left (on your upper right corner). Also remember that home printing of MAV international tickets is not possible, you can home-print only domestic (within Hungary) tickets. International tickets booked online must be collected before the journey at one of the MAV e-Ticket machines located at all the major railways stations in Hungary.




6) And finally you will be redirected to OTP Bank web-page (OTP Direct), where you can make the actual payment for your ticket --> 

a) again check the sum you are about to pay; b) from a drop down list choose a bank card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.); c) fill in 'bank name' d) 'bank card number'; e) fill in 'card holder's name' (as written on the card); f) card validity date (month/year); g) card CVV code (can be found on the back of the card) and finally push 'Next' button to proceed with the payment



7) Hope everything went ok with the bank transaction and you received your 10 digit code using which it is possible to print your ticket via MAV ticket machines (will look like this (newer fancy version) or this (old & simple) and can be found at all the major Hungarian stations).Good luck with your journey :)