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Lithuania (LG)

Country info: Lithuania (Lietuva)

Rail companies: LG (Lietuvos Geležinkeliai)

Lithuanian Rail Network Map 

Currency: Euro



Train travel in Lithuania: train types, tickets, fares, discounts & other useful info


National Train Service:

Train types in Lithuania: Suburban, Regional, Passenger &  Express trains 


  • Suburban (marked as 'M' on LG website): suburban service around Vilnius (Naujoji Vilnia, Vilnius Airport, Kena) & Kaunas areas, no seat reservation required. LG suburban trains have a 3 digit number starting with 6** or 9**  
  • Regional (marked as 'E', 'EJ' & 'D' on LG website): regional service connecting major Lithuanian cities and towns (letter E designates EMU, while 'D' - DMU, 'EJ' designates Skoda double-decker  EMU on Vilnius-Kaunas-Vilnius line), no seat reservation required. LG regional trains have 3 digit number starting with 3**, 7** or 8**
  • Passenger: international transit trains to/from Kaliningrad region (Russia), not possible to use for domestic journeys within Lithuania, seat/bed reservation required. Passenger trains have 2 or 3 digit numbers (currently among regular passenger trains transiting Lithuania can be mentioned only train #359/360 from Kaliningrad to Adler)
  • Express (marked as 'G' on LG website): national (Vilnius to Klaipeda) & international long-distance trains (Vilnius to Minsk & Moscow & (Moscow)-Vilnius-Kaliningrad), seat/bed reservation required. Express trains have 2 or 3 digit numbers between 001 & 150)

At the moment there is only 6 international trains originating from Lithuania:

  • Vilnius to Moscow (daily, train # 005/006): dep. 16:55 - arr. 9:01, served by LG (Service Suspended, nowadays Lithuanian carriagies Vilnius-Moscow travel with Russian trains #29/30 Moscow-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, dep. daily from Vilnius at 20:10 - arr. to Moscow 9:16)
  • Vilnius to Saint Petersburg (daily, train # 091/092): dep. 19:50 - arr. 10:28, served by LG (Service Suspended, nowadays it's possible to travel from Vilnius to St.Petersburg only using Russian train #79/80 Kalinigrad-Vilnius-(Belarus)-St.Petersburg, dep. on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays from Vilnius at 16:47 - arr. to St.Petersburg 11:09)
  • Kaunas-Sestokai-Warsaw (daily, train # 393/394) - connecting trains via Sestokai, where Kaunas-Sestokai leg (1524mm) served by LG, while Sestokai-Warsaw leg (1435mm) served by PKP, passengers must change trains in Sestokai (Service Suspended)
  • kaunas_station_platforms
    Vilnius to Minsk (daily, train # 803/804): dep. 7:20 - arr. 9:50, served by LG
  • Vilnius to Minsk (daily, train # 807/808): dep. 15:58 - arr. 18:45, served by LG
  • Vilnius to Minsk (daily, train # 805/806): dep. 19:12 - arr. 21:42, served by BCh
  • Vilnius to Minsk (Saturday & Sunday, train # 801/802): dep. 21:05 - arr. 00:49, served by BCh

 Types of carriages in LG (& transit) trains:

  • Common (общий): mainly 'platskartnyi' couchette carriage by construction where not 54 berths (as in usual 'platskartnyi') are being sold, but 81 seats, thus basically turning couchette carriage into seating carriage, seat reservation compulsory. Common carriages used in Passenger & Express trains
  • Sitting (сидячий): various seating carriages used in Suburban, Regional & Express trains, in Lithuania usually aircraft type salon (1st, 2nd or 3rd class)
  • 'Platskartnyi' (плацкартный): 3rd class couchette carriage (3/6) with an open compartments & 54 berths (beds #1-36 located in the open compartments, while beds #37-54 are on the side opposite to compartments, odd numbers are lower berths, even are upper. Bed reservation required. 'Platskartnyi' carriages in Lithuania are used in Passenger & Express trains
  • 'Kupe' (купе): 2nd class sleeper carriage (2/4) with 'closed' compartments for 4 passengers, odd numbers are lower beds, even are upper. Bed reservation required. 'Kupe' carriages in Lithuania are used in Passenger & Express trains
  • 'Lux' ('люкс' or as well known as 'СВ'): 1st sleeper carriage (1/2) with compartments for 2 passengers, both beds are lower ones, bed reservation required. 'Lux' carriages used in Lithuania in Passenger & Express trains

Passengers pay 5 LTL fee when buying train tickets on board of a train (in case at the station of departure located working ticket counter)

Discounts, special offers & ways to save money for passengers traveling by train in Lithuania (LG):
  1. Passengers purchasing domestic train tickets online via LG ticket shop receive 5% discount from the standard ticket fare
  2. Passengers receive 15% discount for buying return tickets (or 20% when purchasing the same ticket online)
  3. Passengers traveling in groups of more than 6 people receive 10% discount on any train ticket
  4. Students (ISIC) receive 50% discount on all the domestic rail tickets in Lithuania (de-jure discount applies only to European Union citizens studying in European Union member states, but passports are rarely checked, so just having ISIC works fine in majority of cases)
  5. On certain routes LG offers additional discount (e.g. 15% off tickets on Vilnius-Klaipeda-Vilnius route when purchasing ticket at least 3 days in advance or 20% if purchased online)


International Train Service:

Tariffs for international tickets used by Lithuanian railways:

  • for connections to other European countries - East-West Tariff, tariff currency - Euro                                     
In Lithuania passengers can purchasse East-West tariff ticket(s) to Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary and Germany

a) Regular discounts

  • 'Warsaw specjal' discount applies for connections between Lithuania and Poland via Mockava gr. (55% discount on Lithuanian part & 50% discount for Polish part (applicable only when journey is done by trains # 10011/394/884 on the way from Warsaw to Sestokai, Kaunas & Vilnius or  # 819/393/10012 on the way from Vilnius, Kaunas, Sestokai to Warsaw). Also special fare applies for cross-border connection Trakiszki – Sestokai or Sestokai – Trakiszki: 3,1 euro for 2nd class ticket or 4,4 euro for 1st class ticket (both can be purchased on board from PKP conductor)
  • For journeys from Vilnius to Moscow (LG carriages in Russian train # 29/30) passengers recieve 11-13% discount when purchasing ticket 60-31 days in advance or 7-9% discounted when tickets are purchased 30-21 days in advance, 20-11 days in advance it's a base fare, but when buying tickets 10-0 in advance potential passengers will have to pay extra 3-5% compared to the base standard price
  • For journeys from Vilnius to St.Petersburg (train № 91/92) passengers recieve 15% discount when purchasing ticket 45-31 days in advance or 10% discounted when tickets are purchased 30-21 days in advance, however when buying tickets 10-0 in advance potential passengers will have to pay extra 3% compared to the base standard price
  • Special group (6 passengers & more) discount:
  1. 40% discount for return tickets from Lithuania to Poland (or 25% for one way tickets)
  2. 35% discount for tickets from Lithuania to/via Romania, Slovakia & Bulgaria
  3. 30% discount for tickets from Lithuania to/via Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, FYR Macedonia & Turkey
  4. 20% discount for tickets from Lithuania to/via Finland

b) Special offers (SparSchiene)

Not available

c) CityStars

No info available

Lithuania is also among the list of countries for which Rail Plus Card discount is applicable, so for international tickets to/from Lithuania Rail Plus Card can receive 25% discount



How to Buy Train Tickets in Lithuania:

Lithuanian Railways (LG) offers a possibility to purchase domestic trains tickets online via LG Ticket Shop, international tickets (to Russia & Belarus) still have to be purchased at the ticket counters





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