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Step by Step Guide to Buying Tickets via Polish Rail (PKP) website


PKP InterCity (PKP-IC) has relatively simple & easy to use online Ticket Shop (e-IC system) for buying train tickets online. Passengers have a chance to buy national (for trips within Poland) tickets, including discounted and promo offers, for Express InterCity Premium, Express InterCity, InterCity and TLK trains as well as some international tickets (e.g. Warsaw to Berlin) using PKP-IC Ticket Shop.

We are glad to share with you short guide on how to purchase Polish train tickets (both national & international)...


1) You will probably begin with the starting page of PKP-IC website, it looks like this -->


It is possible to change language (by default it's Polish) in the upper right corner. While next to the language bar you will find small 'Buy a Ticket' window, that is where you need enter your travel destinations (either within Poland or Poland-abroad), date and approximate time when you want to depart. NB: keep in mind that you can purchase domestic PKP tickets as early as 30 days before departure, while with the international tickets sale period starts even earlier (60 days in advance)


2) When you done just hit orange 'Search' button and you should be redirected to PKP-IC Ticket Shop -->


Here you'll see couple blue columns which will give you clear idea about available connections for the date & time selected (schedules, train types, etc.). Pay attention that at the bottom of each column you will see cheapest available ticket fares for this connection (it can be either discounted offer promo fare, if still available for this particular departure, or just standard full fare price). To see earlier/later connections during the same day you can simply click on 'Earlier' or 'Later' below the columns.

When you done with your choice click on "Choose" (box will turn orange) and below should appear details of the journey you selected --->


When it is not just about seating carriages, you will have a choice between seat/couchette/sleeper, then fill in a) number of passengers traveling, b) whether any passengers have discount & if so, then what type of discount (most of the PKP discounts are for Polish citizens only, thus probably you'll have to leave this field blank, c) travel class (2nd or 1st), d) kind of carriage (aircraft type, compartments, etc.), if you are not sure whether your train has only one or more types of carriage, then better to leave it 'indifferent', then e) seat position (window, aisle) and finally f) whether you need an additional ticket (e.g. for your dog or extra suitcase).Click 'Continue' when you done


3) Next will be the page with your ticket details -->



Keep in mind that there is 2 minute time limit during which you'll need to finish filling out necessary details (name of the traveller) and choosing ticket type (in our case it's discounted SuperPromo offer ticket). When you click 'Choose' you will immediately redirected to login page like this -->


Previously it was necessary to register on PKP website in order to purchase train tickets, but nowadays you can just click on 'Buy tickets without registration' and proceed without any extra hussle. But in case you plan multiple trips or just want to have an account on PKP website, then you can always register.


4) Next will be the page where you'll need to fill in clients details (name & email) and accept conditions of PKP e-tickets (keep in mind that once again there will be a time limit for doing all that) -->


When you done hit 'Continue' and you should be redirected to 'confimation' page that will look like this --->


Check again whether all the data is correct and click on 'Commit' (NB: clicking 'Correct' is not confirming that all the details are correct, it just brings you back to make corrections regarding clients details).


5) Final step is the 'Summary' page -->



Make sure you check once again details of your connection (date, to/from, ticket fare, passenger's name) and choose payment method (those who want to pay with the bank card most like will have to go with 'Eservice' platform). Click orange button 'Kupuje i place' (which basically means 'Buy & pay' in Polish)


8) After clicking on 'Kupuje i place' you will be redirected to payment website -->


On the left you'll see recipient's details (should be PKP InterCity), payer's name and, most importantly, sum to pay (in PLN), then choose one of the available payment methods. After you click on payment method selected you'll go to Bank Card details page where you enter card info (card number, expiration date & CVV code) and finally click 'Pay' button --->



10) After a successful payment you will receive your ticket, print it and you are ready to board your train. Good luck with your journey =)