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Message: I am in the same situation, trying to book mid february night train the 2 bed compartmen
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Message: There is the answer few message below
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Message: HII want to travel from Budapest to Prague in mid February on the overnight sleeper. I have re
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January 02, 2016, 12:10:19 pm
Denmark (DSB) E-mail

Country info: Denmark (Danmark)

Rail companies: DSB (Danske Statsbaner)

Danish Rail Network Map 

Currency: 1 euro= app. 7.45 Danish krone (DKK)

Train travel in Denmark: train types, tickets, fares, discounts & other useful info


National Train Service:

Train types in Denmark: S-tog (commuter trains), Regionaltog (regional trains), InterCity, InterCity Lyntog, InterCity Express, X2000 & CityNightLine trains


  • Commuter trains (S-tog) – serve suburbs of Copenhagen, no seat reservation required
  • Regional trains (Regionaltog) – regional trains serving local routes all over Denmark, no seat reservation required
  • InterCity (IC) - domestic trains connecting major Danish cities and towns, no seat reservation required
  • InterCity Lyntog (ICL) - "lightning" (express) InterCity trains, serve major connections (e.g. Copenhagen to Aarhus, Alborg, Odense, Esbjerg etc.), no seat reservation required
  • X2000 - international high-speed trains connecting Copenhagen with Swedish Malmo & Stockholm, seat reservation required
  • InterCity Express (ICE) - international daytime trains from Copenhagen to Hamburg, Berlin & other destinations in Germany, no seat reservation required
  • CityNightLine (CNL) - international overnight trains from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Basel, Prague etc.

Seat reservation on DSB domestic journeys (InterCity and InterCityLyntog trains) is 30 DKK, with journeys abroad on InterCity Express trains it is 4 euro

Ways & options to save money while traveling by trains in Denmark:

  1. Passengers can buy discounted DSB Orange Tickets - limited in number (per each departure) promo offer discounted tickets (up to 60% off) sold online via DSB website only and as early as 2 months before the day of the journey. Basically it means that earlier ticket purchase equals cheaper fare for passenger. Depending on route and distance discounted Orange fare tickets start from 99 DKK, next kick in 149 DKK price level, then 199 DKK
  2. Special DSB Mini Group & DSB 1 Mini Group tickets 3 to 7 passengers. Mini groups with this offer can save 20% from the standard ticket price per passenger (children <15 years travel free in Mini Groups)
  3. Passengers planning rail trips in Denmark also can take advantage of SCIC-NRT international tariff tickets, meaning use it for domestic journeys (more info about this option can be found in Western Europe – how cheap it can be?). For example, SCIC-NRT ticket from Copenhagen to Skagen (via Odense, Fredericia, Alborg etc.) valid for 15 days & allowing unlimited stopovers on the way costs only 66,8 euro in total. It means that basically in such a case SCIC-NRT international ticket serves a role of the rail pass issued for the predefined in advance route


International Train Service:

a) Regular discounts

Not available

b) Special offers (SparSchiene)

Sparpreis (DSB Orange Europa & DSB Orange Europa SparNight) tickets available from Denmark to Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland etc.

Some examples of DSB Orange Europa fares (purchase possible up to 90 days in advance):

  • Austria: from Copenhagen to Vienna (from 698 DKK)
  • Germany: from Copenhagen to Hamburg or Lubeck (from 249 DKK), from Copenhagen to Berlin (from 349 DKK),   from Copenhagen to Bremen (from 472 DKK), from Copenhagen to Munich (from 622 DKK), from Copenhagen to Cologne (from 672 DKK), from Copenhagen to Dresden (from 672 DKK), from Copenhagen to Frankfurt(M) (from 772 DKK), etc.
  • Belgium: from Copenhagen to Brussels (from 1189 DKK) 
  • Czech Republic: from Copenhagen to  Prague (from 896 DKK)
  • France: from Copenhagen to Paris (from 1753 DKK)
  • Italy: from Copenhagen to Milan (from 942 DKK), from Copenhagen to Venice (from 1442 DKK)
  • Hungary: from Copenhagen  to Budapest (from 1275 DKK)
  • Netherlands: from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or Haag (from 819 DKK)
  • Poland: from Copenhagen to  Warsaw (from 902 DKK)
  • Switzerland: from Copenhagen to   Basel (from 622 DKK), from Copenhagen to Zurich (from 622 DKK), from Copenhagen to Bern (from 870 DKK), from Copenhagen to Geneve (from 1017 DKK)
  • Sweden : SJ Orangebillet - limited number of ticket from/to Copenhagen to/from Sweden are sold with up to 40% discount if purchased in advance (offer valid on certain trains only). Passenger also receive 30% off the regular fare on the Danish part of the trip in case he or she holds SuperSaver ticket for Swedish domestic route

Discounted tickets from Denmark to Sweden can be as well purchased via Swedish Railways (SJ) website -


c) CityStars:

Not available

It is possible to purchase Rail Plus card in Denmark (allows 25% discount on any international ticket between almost all the European countries)

Prices of Rail Plus card purchased from DSB: 370 DKK for adult passengers or 170 DKK for <26 & >60

In order to save on international journeys it aslo possible to use SCIC-NRT tariff tickets (for more details see Western Europe – how cheap it can be? section). For example, Copenhagen to Munich SCIC-NRT tariff ticket through the entire Denmark and Germany, with unlimited stopovers on the way & 15 days validity period will costs only 183,4 euro

How to Buy Train Tickets in Denmark:

Danish train tickets (including offers like Orange) can be bought online via (tutorial on how to order online tickets can be found here)


Do you still have further questions or want to share your own travel experience? You are welcome on our Forum page



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